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Contact Information:

Little Earthquakes Tour
San Juan Capistrano, CA (SJuan1)
Friday, September 4, 1992
The Coach House

Dent Review:  

Note: Data is very sporadic for this tour. Setlist may be incomplete or out of order.

Audience Recording

Tori Amos 1992-09-04 San Juan Capistrano, CA (complete)

Original Link:
Filename: tori1992-09-04.flacs.torrent
Info Hash: 300b06aceeed3db05cfa5edee9311ee6ef1469a1
Size: 350.78 MB (367,823,145 bytes)
Uploaded by: lisa071573

Tori Amos
September 4, 1992
San Juan Capistrano, CA
Coach House

Source: Cassette from the collection of Wally Breese, audience source but original tape was missing Angie; Angie noted as added from a second source who also taped 9/5/92

Transfer: JVC KD-W5 > Realistic 31-2020 10-band stereo equalizer (tape hiss lowered by lowering 8KHz) > Marantz Stereo Receiver SR940 > Line Out/In > CoolEdit Pro (append tracks, set both channels to right channel, hard limiting, amplification) > CDWave (wav splitter) > Wavs > Trader's Little Helper > FLACs > FLAC tagging (MP3tag v3.05) [oops - just realized I forgot to tag the FLACs.]

Notes: The beginning of the show was extremely low in the left channel until partway through Happy Phantom, so to avoid adding extra hiss on only the left channel, for this portion I set both channels to equal the right channel. The remainder of the show was fine in both channels. Angie (from the second source) is slightly overloaded.

01. Numbness
02. Crucify
03. chat - tells venue she can't continue to play while the cash register is operating and making noise
04. Leather
05. chat
06. Silent All These Years
07. Precious Things
08. Happy Phantom
09. Mary
10. Girl
11. chat
12. Whole Lotta Love/Thank You
13. Little Earthquakes
14. chat
15. Me and a Gun
16. Winter
--Encore 1:
17. Smells Like Teen Spirit
18. Mother
--Encore 2:
19. China
20. Angie

Additional Info:
Part of this show ended up on several silver bootlegs, including After the Rain and Years of Silence, but neither were complete.

A circulating tape dated 9/10/92 Foxboro, MA was presumably from a live broadcast on the east coast on that date. The SATY story from the Foxboro tape is the story from 9/4/92 and Tori was in Los Angeles on 9/10/92, so the tape's date could be an airing date. The Really Deep Thoughts mailing list archive has posts related to a Boston station airing a live show on 11/10/92 so I'm speculating that the Foxboro tape may have really been from the 11/10/92 radio broadcast and not 9/10/92.