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1998-Plugged 98 Tour
  128 of 137 shows selected.
  Unique Songs: 87
  First Show: Apr 18, 1998 (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
  Latest show: Dec 3, 1998 (East Lansing, MI)
Song Title Album Count All Dates   (Show as Dates)
Agent Orange Bfp
1 (0.8%)
Alamo Bfp-b
2 (1.6%)
98Frank2, 98LasV
Amazing Grace Cover
1 (0.8%)
American Pie Cover
1 (0.8%)
Angie Cover
3 (2.3%)
98Shef, 98Tmpa, 98Dur
Baker Baker Utp
16 (12.5%)
98Bos1, 98Tor1, 98Glas, 98Ports, 98Lon1, 98Stut, 98Munich, 98Clev, 98Mon, 98Nash1, 98Sac, 98Prov, 98Mad, 98Pough, 98StCol, 98Nwrk
Beauty Queen Bfp
1 (0.8%)
Bells For Her Utp
26 (20.3%)
98Tmpa, 98Nash1, 98Slc, 98Van, 98Sea2, 98Oak, 98SanB, 98LA2, 98Phx, 98Albq, 98Hou, 98Tuls, 98LRok, 98Ral, 98Norf, 98Day, 98Lou, 98EauC, 98IndPa, 98Roch2, 98Pough, 98Amhrst, 98StCol, 98Alen, 98Akr, 98Grr
Beulah Land Ftch-b
1 (0.8%)
Black Dove (January) Ftch
65 (50.8%)
... More than 30 times
Black Swan Utp-b
3 (2.3%)
98IndPa, 98Low, 98Akr
Butterfly Misc
3 (2.3%)
98Stut, 98Ames, 98MtP
Case Of You, a Cover
2 (1.6%)
98Bing, 98Burl
Caught a Lite Sneeze Bfp
44 (34.4%)
... More than 30 times
China Le
15 (11.7%)
98Phi1, 98Sea1, 98Manch, 98Shef, 98Lon2, 98DenH, 98Vien, 98Frank2, 98Mil, 98Mon, 98Atl1, 98Norf, 98IndPa, 98UDel, 98Grr
Cloud on My Tongue Utp
11 (8.6%)
98FtL1, 98Phi1, 98Det1, 98Manch, 98Hamb, 98Mil, 98Roch1, 98Charl, 98Eug, 98Day, 98Amhrst
Cool On Your Island Yktr
1 (0.8%)
Cooling Ftch-b
18 (14.1%)
98Tor1, 98Nott, 98Chi2, 98Bos2, 98Roch1, 98Atl1, 98Tmpa, 98Nash1, 98Port, 98LA3, 98Aust, 98Tuls, 98Jax, 98Clmbia, 98Nash2, 98Mad, 98Col, 98Lans
Cornflake Girl Utp
83 (64.8%)
... More than 30 times
Crucify Le
38 (29.7%)
... More than 30 times
Cruel Ftch
88 (68.8%)
... More than 30 times
Doughnut Song Bfp
18 (14.1%)
98Atl, 98Bos1, 98Tor1, 98Shef, 98DenH, 98Stut, 98Frank2, 98Mpls, 98Wall, 98Rich, 98Orl, 98StL, 98Oma, 98Jose, 98Mem, 98Spar, 98Evan, 98Amhrst
Etienne Yktr
1 (0.8%)
Famous Blue Raincoat Cover
6 (4.7%)
98SanB, 98Albq, 98Ral, 98Roch2, 98Ind, 98Lans
Father Lucifer Bfp
21 (16.4%)
98SanD, 98Phx, 98SAnt, 98Mem, 98NOrl, 98Jax, 98Ral, 98Norf, 98Day, 98Lou, 98Evan, 98WLaf, 98MtP, 98EauC, 98Mad, 98IndPa, 98Bing, 98Pough, 98Dur, 98UDel, 98Col
Flying Dutchman Le-b
4 (3.1%)
98FtL3, 98SanD, 98Dur, 98Ind
Frog on My Toe Bfp-b
4 (3.1%)
98Birm, 98LRok, 98Evan, 98Amhrst
Girl Le
8 (6.3%)
98Low, 98Dur, 98UDel, 98Nwrk, 98Akr, 98Ind, 98Grr, 98Lans
God Utp
55 (43.0%)
... More than 30 times
Graveyard Bfp-b
18 (14.1%)
98StL, 98Norman, 98Hou, 98Balt, 98Clmbia, 98Nash2, 98Norf, 98Prov, 98Day, 98Lou, 98Evan, 98MtP, 98Roch2, 98Amhrst, 98Burl, 98Low, 98Alen, 98Grr
Happy Phantom Le
8 (6.3%)
98Wall, 98Rich, 98Oma, 98Oak, 98Phx, 98Tuls, 98Balt, 98Pough
Here. In My Head Le-b
12 (9.4%)
98Atl, 98Det1, 98Ports, 98Frank1, 98Munich, 98Det2, 98Wall, 98NOrl, 98Nash2, 98Norf, 98Low, 98StCol
Hey Jupiter Bfp
18 (14.1%)
98Det2, 98Phi2, 98Alb, 98Charl, 98Atl2, 98Orl, 98KC, 98Sea2, 98Oak, 98Aust, 98LRok, 98Jax, 98Clmbia, 98Lou, 98EauC, 98Bing, 98Pough, 98Alen
Honey Utp-b
27 (21.1%)
98SFran, 98Livr, 98Glas, 98Wolv, 98Ports, 98Nott, 98Lon2, 98Berl, 98Hamb, 98Stut, 98Nurm, 98Mil, 98Ames, 98Cinc, 98Det2, 98Mon, 98Phi2, 98Rich, 98Eug, 98LasV, 98SAnt, 98Tuls, 98NOrl, 98Balt, 98IndPa, 98Burl, 98Col
Horses Bfp
64 (50.0%)
... More than 30 times
Hotel Ftch
44 (34.4%)
... More than 30 times
Icicle Utp
16 (12.5%)
98Atl, 98Dc1, 98Nyc1, 98Phi1, 98Chi1, 98LA1, 98Livr, 98Wolv, 98Par, 98Berl, 98Bonn, 98Det2, 98Tmpa, 98LasV, 98Hou, 98Grr
Iieee Ftch
110 (85.9%)
... More than 30 times
Jackie's Strength Ftch
45 (35.2%)
... More than 30 times
Landslide Cover
14 (10.9%)
98Det1, 98Newc, 98Lon2, 98Mpls, 98Tor, 98Nyc2, 98Phi2, 98Spr, 98Birm, 98FtL2, 98Den, 98Norf, 98Prov, 98Akr
Leather Le
20 (15.6%)
98Sea1, 98Livr, 98Glas, 98Ply, 98Lon1, 98Par, 98Berl, 98Stut, 98Cinc, 98Nyc2, 98Birm, 98Orl, 98StL, 98Slc, 98Van, 98SAnt, 98Hou, 98Spar, 98Lou, 98Amhrst
Liquid Diamonds Ftch
61 (47.7%)
... More than 30 times
Little Amsterdam Bfp
21 (16.4%)
98Nurm, 98Zur, 98Frank2, 98Ames, 98Tor, 98Mon, 98Phi2, 98Spr, 98Wall, 98Birm, 98Atl2, 98Tmpa, 98Norman, 98Sea2, 98Eug, 98Jose, 98LA2, 98SanD, 98Aust, 98Clmbia, 98Burl
Little Earthquakes Le
28 (21.9%)
98Det2, 98Alb, 98Roch1, 98Knox, 98FtL3, 98StL, 98KC, 98Port, 98Ana, 98SanB, 98LA2, 98SAnt, 98Hou, 98NOrl, 98Jax, 98Balt, 98Nash2, 98Day, 98WLaf, 98Pit, 98IndPa, 98Ith, 98Roch2, 98Burl, 98StCol, 98UDel, 98Nwrk, 98Col
London Girls Bfp-b
3 (2.3%)
98LasV, 98Aust, 98Dur
Marianne Bfp
9 (7.0%)
98Ply, 98Mpls, 98Spr, 98FtL2, 98Slc, 98Phx, 98SAnt, 98Blak, 98Ind
Mary Le-b
12 (9.4%)
98Clev, 98Rich, 98Norman, 98Port, 98Blak, 98Day, 98Alen, 98UDel, 98Nwrk, 98Akr, 98Ind, 98Grr
Me And a Gun Le
7 (5.5%)
98Dc2, 98Knox, 98Port, 98LA2, 98Dal, 98Spar, 98Mad
Merman Ftch-b
15 (11.7%)
98Bos1, 98Spr, 98Knox, 98KC, 98Sea2, 98Eug, 98Ana, 98Albq, 98Mem, 98Balt, 98Norf, 98Evan, 98EauC, 98Pit, 98Nwrk
Mother Le
11 (8.6%)
98Atl, 98Tor1, 98SFran, 98Wolv, 98Wall, 98FtL3, 98Sac, 98SanD, 98Nash2, 98WLaf, 98UDel
Mr. Zebra Bfp
2 (1.6%)
98FtL3, 98Day
Muhammad, My Friend Bfp
8 (6.3%)
98Jax, 98Blak, 98Balt, 98Nash2, 98WLaf, 98Mad, 98Amhrst, 98Akr
Never Seen Blue Ftch-b
5 (3.9%)
98Dal, 98Jax, 98Ral, 98Prov, 98Burl
Northern Lad Ftch
42 (32.8%)
... More than 30 times
Not the Red Baron Bfp
2 (1.6%)
98Eug, 98NOrl
Ode to the Banana King Le-b
1 (0.8%)
Over the Rainbow Cover
1 (0.8%)
Pandora's Aquarium Ftch
30 (23.4%)
98Wall, 98Alb, 98Rich, 98Orl, 98FtL2, 98Tmpa, 98StL, 98KC, 98Norman, 98Den, 98Sea2, 98Eug, 98Sac, 98Ana, 98LA3, 98Albq, 98Aust, 98NOrl, 98Jax, 98Balt, 98Prov, 98Lou, 98WLaf, 98EauC, 98Pit, 98Pough, 98StCol, 98UDel, 98Ind, 98Lans
Past the Mission Utp
24 (18.8%)
98Balt, 98Clmbia, 98Norf, 98Day, 98Lou, 98Evan, 98EauC, 98Pit, 98Ith, 98Bing, 98Roch2, 98Pough, 98Amhrst, 98Burl, 98Low, 98Dur, 98StCol, 98Alen, 98UDel, 98Nwrk, 98Akr, 98Col, 98Ind, 98Grr
Playboy Mommy Ftch
26 (20.3%)
98FtL1, 98Dc1, 98Phi1, 98Manch, 98Wolv, 98Ports, 98Frank1, 98Bonn, 98Munich, 98Zur, 98Mpls, 98Cinc, 98Clev, 98Mon, 98Phi2, 98Wall, 98Rich, 98Birm, 98Nash1, 98Port, 98Jose, 98LA3, 98Hou, 98Blak, 98Bing, 98Lans
Precious Things Le
125 (97.7%)
... More than 30 times
Pretty Good Year Utp
17 (13.3%)
98Ply, 98Ports, 98Lon2, 98Par, 98Frank1, 98Bonn, 98Vien, 98Cinc, 98Alb, 98FtL3, 98Jose, 98LasV, 98Hou, 98Bing, 98Amhrst, 98Akr, 98Grr
Purple People Ftch-b
13 (10.2%)
98Birm, 98Knox, 98FtL2, 98Oma, 98Eug, 98Sac, 98SanB, 98Albq, 98Spar, 98Prov, 98MtP, 98Low, 98Akr
Putting the Damage On Bfp
20 (15.6%)
98FtL1, 98Atl, 98Dc1, 98Nyc1, 98Phi1, 98Chi1, 98Sea1, 98Manch, 98Ports, 98Frank1, 98Clev, 98Tor, 98Bos2, 98SanD, 98Dal, 98Blak, 98EauC, 98Mad, 98Low, 98Col
Raspberry Swirl Ftch
113 (88.3%)
... More than 30 times
She's Leaving Home Cover
1 (0.8%)
She's Your Cocaine Ftch
66 (51.6%)
... More than 30 times
Silent All These Years Le
22 (17.2%)
98Nyc1, 98Chi1, 98LA1, 98Manch, 98Ply, 98Nott, 98Lon2, 98Bonn, 98Vien, 98Munich, 98Ames, 98Clev, 98StL, 98KC, 98Den, 98LA3, 98Mem, 98Blak, 98MtP, 98Ith, 98Nwrk, 98Lans
Siren Misc
23 (18.0%)
98Rich, 98Charl, 98Birm, 98Knox, 98Atl1, 98Atl2, 98Orl, 98FtL2, 98FtL3, 98StL, 98Oma, 98Eug, 98Sac, 98Ana, 98LasV, 98SAnt, 98Mem, 98Spar, 98Clmbia, 98MtP, 98Ith, 98UDel, 98Col
Sister Janet Utp-b
7 (5.5%)
98Nott, 98Ames, 98Alb, 98Oma, 98Van, 98SanD, 98Col
Smells Like Teen Spirit Cover
3 (2.3%)
98FtL3, 98Jose, 98Burl
Song For Eric Le-b
7 (5.5%)
98Shef, 98Berl, 98Ames, 98LasV, 98Ral, 98Ith, 98StCol
Space Dog Utp
32 (25.0%)
... More than 30 times
Spark Ftch
91 (71.1%)
... More than 30 times
Sugar Le-b
37 (28.9%)
... More than 30 times
Sweet Dreams Le-b
1 (0.8%)
Take to the Sky Le-b
6 (4.7%)
98Nurm, 98Cinc, 98Tor, 98Atl2, 98Akr, 98Grr
Talula Bfp
21 (16.4%)
98Atl1, 98Atl2, 98FtL3, 98Oma, 98Eug, 98Sac, 98Phx, 98SAnt, 98Hou, 98Ral, 98Prov, 98WLaf, 98MtP, 98Pit, 98Roch2, 98Burl, 98Dur, 98UDel, 98Nwrk, 98Akr, 98Ind
Tear In Your Hand Le
60 (46.9%)
... More than 30 times
Thank You Cover
3 (2.3%)
98Wolv, 98Hamb, 98Mem
Thoughts Le-b
1 (0.8%)
Twinkle Bfp
4 (3.1%)
98Oma, 98SanB, 98Evan, 98Low
Upside Down Le-b
13 (10.2%)
98FtL1, 98Dc1, 98Nyc1, 98Bos1, 98SFran, 98Newc, 98Shef, 98DenH, 98Vien, 98Mpls, 98Day, 98Bing, 98Alen
Waitress Utp
128 (100.0%)
... More than 30 times
When Sunny Gets Blue Cover
1 (0.8%)
Winter Le
20 (15.6%)
98FtL1, 98Newc, 98Ports, 98Lon1, 98Frank1, 98Nurm, 98Zur, 98Chi2, 98Bos2, 98Dc2, 98Norman, 98Ana, 98LA2, 98NOrl, 98Clmbia, 98Pit, 98Roch2, 98Dur, 98UDel, 98Col
Yes, Anastasia Utp
2 (1.6%)
98Ith, 98Nwrk