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Tori Amos Setlist Database - Future Directions

This idea has already come a long way from the days of creating static web pages with some kludgy perl scripts -- it's now a set of dynamic web pages created with some kludgy PHP scripts and a muddy database (actually the database isn't too bad...). Here are some ideas I have for the future of this site:
  • Done! (but now links are broken)Circulated Recordings Listings. This is one of the main goals for the near-term, probably soon after this tour is over. One of the most frequently asked questions on a lot of mailing lists is "What show was [insert song here] played at," but a close second would have to be "Does anyone have a copy of [insert show here]?" The database is already set up to handle this data and it's just a matter of compiling the list and modifying a few pages.
  • Done!Personalized Stats Pages. I've always found it fun to take a look at the shows I've been to and analyze just how many different songs I've seen and what songs I've never heard in concert. It would also be fun to look at all songs played through all tours in a particular city (for instance, she plays "Purple Rain" a lot in Minneapolis, since that's where Prince is from...). One of the goals of this site is the ability for users to create logins and select the shows they want to see stats for. Once again, the database lends itself well to this idea; creating the functionality may take a little while...
  • Public Editing of Database. Rather than letting me know errors in the database, I would much rather have the users correct them instead (with some controls, obviously, in case there is abuse...). It'll also be nice to not have to wait for me to update the database after a show. I already have a web page for myself to edit the database, so this one is almost ready to be cleaned up and released.
  • Fragments. Many people are interested in fragments and improvs. Obviously, these present a few problems. For one, they skew the stats. For another, they are subjective in nature -- somebody might hear a piece of "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails, other people hear a brand-new song that Tori wrote. But the information is valuable, so it's just a matter of trying to present it and allow people to filter them out.
  • Encores. I would also like to mark whether a song was played in a regular setlist or in one of the encores.
  • Summary Statistics. I'd also like to add some more summary statistics for many of the views on the site. For instance, on Tour X, maybe she played Little Earthquakes songs and b-sides 23% of the time and Under the Pink-era songs only 12% of the time. There are plenty of these little things that could be generated.

As always, I'm more than interested in any other ideas you might have for these pages. Drop me a line and let me know what you have in mind.... (