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Tori Amos Setlist Database - What's New

March 7, 2022

Ocean to Ocean tour ready to go. Hopefully have the Facebook logins working again...

October 9, 2017

I had luckily done a site scrape of Tori Traders at one point in time. I was able to recover all but fifteen or so boots from that site and pulled the info into my database. Luckily all but one of those were dupes from Dime so there was very little lost information.

I was also able to go deep into the Dime archives and get all of the Tori boots that were posted there in the last ten or so years. I hadn't realized that they retire torrents on that site, so many of my links had gone stale.

ALL of this information is now in the local database so the information is easily available (you had to register on both of those sites to get at the info) and will not go stale in the future.

I also have a ton of other .nfo files for shows that haven't been matched to shows in the database. I'll be recruiting some help for those to get them matched up. Hopefully will get some better stats in the LE and UTP era as well.

October 2, 2017

Some big changes! Mostly look and feel (finally a little bit of CSS - go easy) and a new view ('never playeds') but let's talk about custom setlist collections:

  • For the first iteration I have only integrated to Facebook for login. I would like to add Twitter or Google credentials and have planned for that, but I had to get this out so had to settle on FB for now.
  • To get started, simply use the "Login with Facebook" link. This is like any other site that you can link to your Facebook account: it goes through the standard FB authentication (I'm only asking the very basic permissions) and then you'll have an account on this site. I only store FB tokens specific to my application, so there is low risk for all involved.
  • The dashboard is pretty straightforward. Create one or more collections, add or remove shows, add some text describing the collection (optional) and select whether to publish it or keep it private. If you keep it private, only you can see the stats for the collection when you are logged in.
  • Make sure to use the filters when adding shows! It really shouldn't take you long to find a group of shows you're interested in.
  • I have a "public collections" page that lists all non-private collections so everyone can browse possibly-interesting collections that others have made. If you want to hide your FB information on the site, simply choose the privacy options in the dashboard.
  • The dashboard also has a "share" button for non-private collections that you can use to post on social media (currently only FB). Alternatively, each collection has a perma-link in this format that you can use: (where "aabbccd" is the unique ID for your collection).

As always, any suggestions for improvements are welcome. There are a few things from Setlist.FM that I still look at with envy. I work at a snail's pace so I apologize in advance.

By the way, all of the boot links to Dime and ToriTraders are non-functional. I luckily grabbed most of the info from ToriTraders so I'm hoping to at least incorporate the information about the recordings somewhere on the site.

September 6, 2017

Ready to go for the new tour (last-minute). Migration to new server seems to have been successful.

May 9, 2014

Updated for 2014 tour... still have a few old dates to get updated as well...

July 7, 2009

Updated for 2009 Sinful Attraction tour. Thanks again Violet for keeping the setlists going!

June 22, 2007

Updated for 2007 American Doll Posse tour. Thanks Violet ( for picking up where MikeWhy left off!

You may have noticed that the site was down right around the time the tour was kicking off. Just when I was getting things set up for the new tour I found out that the domain had expired. Shouldn't have been much of a problem, but my registering company Registerfly had decided early 2007 was a good time to start not paying its bills and fraudulently taking money from its customers. To make matters worse, they also held the domains hostage with pretty much no recourse available. After a few weeks the idiots at ICANN got things straightened out and I was able to rescue the domain for the cool price of $50 (thanks a lot, eNom; way to help out you bastards).

All in all, not a great experience, but we should be good for now.

April 4, 2005

Updated for Original Sinsuality tour. First tour with new hosted web server - I hope I don't get bumped over my limits (oh well). Things seem to run smoothly so far.

I wonder if I'll get any notes about how the two B-sides are actually from the GH album. I might fix that later...

Jun 18, 2004

Fairly major but hopefully transparent change - I've finally moved the site out of my basement (yay!) and onto a hosted site. The new address for the site is - there should be no more down time and hopefully things will be a little faster and more stable. Now all we need is another tour!

October 12, 2003

Couple fairly big changes today. First of all, finally got a new hand-me-down computer and was able to migrate the entire Web site to a relatively beefier system. I haven't tested it outside my own network yet, but everything to do with the site is MUCH faster. Thanks for using the site so much in the last few years -- hopefully the new box will make things a little less painful going forward...

Secondly, the new email address for the system if I was getting HAMMERED with spam on the other account -- I will not be checking emails on that account anymore, so please update with the new address when sending feedback.

Thanks again -- even though Tori might not be touring again for awhile, I hope this site continues to be somewhat relevant!

July 26, 2003

Just in time! Got the database updated and ready to go for WholeLottaPianos tour....

January 4, 2003

Thanks to Missy's hard work, finally got the 1992 and 1994 data into the database and the web site changes needed to show this data properly. There are a few new columns on some of the tables showing how accurate/complete the data is - for most of the 1992 shows there really is no data available. There is quite a bit of good information for the 1994 shows, however. Whether or not any of this data is useful is up to you to decide -- I'm hoping it will provide a base for the Personalized Stats Pages (which is still a little ways off...)

November 7, 2002

Updated the site for The Walk of Scarlet '02-'03 tour.

November 1, 2001

Added the Thank-Yous page...

November 1, 2001

Relatively major change tonight -- I have finally filled in the "unauthorized recordings" column in the database with what I estimate to be a 95% accurate list of boots for all tours 96-01. This information is now available on all applicable pages.

A couple of notes about this:

  • The information is not guaranteed to be accurate -- I have grabbed data from the lists of two of the best-organized traders in the Tori community, however, and between the two of them they have most of the shows covered. I will continue to solicit information from the rest of the community and a comprehensive listing of available shows should eventually become more and more accurate.
  • Currently there is no information in the database for the specifics about a particular recording. Many of the shows currently only exist on tape, and many are incomplete or inferior recordings of a show. I still plan on adding a place for notes about recordings in the database.
  • I do not have the time nor the energy to assist in locating a particular show for a trade. Please find the trading community and make requests in the appropriate forums.

November 1, 2001

This is kind of a fun change -- I got tired of looking at dates on the main page and decided it would be neat to have a short abbreviation of the shows as an option. Now you'll see things like "Wpb" for West Palm Beach and "Hou1" for Houston First Show. You can still view the stats in the original form (by date) and if you don't know what an abbreviation means you can always click on that link to see the full details of that show. I also added more information when "Debut Dates" and "Most Recently Played" views are selected.

October 16, 2001

Just a couple minor changes: Added links to TheDent reviews from the song detail page, and added data for the original artists of cover songs.

October 13, 2001

Added Debut and Most Recently Played information on main stats page. Created the mailing list.

October 12, 2001

Grand Opening! The new version of the Tori Amos Setlist Database is unveiled...