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Under the Pink Tour
Houston, TX (Hou)
Friday, August 12, 1994
Cullen Performance Hall

Dent Review: Review

Note: Data is very sporadic for this tour. Setlist may be incomplete or out of order.

Audience Recording

Tori Amos 1994-08-12 Houston (incomplete)

Original Link:
Info Hash: a2f71ce67a49d152aff90e890287fb95cab3fb2f
Size: 380.12 MB
Uploaded by: lisa071573

Tori Amos
August 12, 1994 - INCOMPLETE
Houston, TX
at Cullen Performance Hall

Source: Cassette from the collection of Richard Handal, cassette from Danica
Transfer: Transfer: JVC KD-W5 > Realistic 31-2020 10-band stereo equalizer (tape hiss lowered by lowering 8KHz) > Marantz Stereo Receiver SR940
> Line Out/In > Tascam DR-07 > SD Card > Card Slot > Copy wav to HD > CoolEdit Pro (append tracks, amplification, hard limiting) > CDWave (wav splitter) >
Wavs > Trader's Little Helper > FLACs

Incomplete - missing Me and a Gun

01. Upside Down
02. Happy Phantom (cut)
03. story
04. Pretty Good Year
05. Precious Things
06. Crucify
07. God
08. Silent All These Years
09. The Waitress
10. Bells for Her
[Me and a Gun - MISSING]
11. Baker Baker
--Encore 1:
12. Cornflake Girl
13. Wrapped Around Your Finger
--Encore 2:
14. China (Tori stops the song short*)
15. Cloud on My Tongue
--Encore 3:
16. American Pie >
17. Smells Like Teen Spirit
18. Song for Eric

*Per the RDT Archives,, "Tori started playing China. I was excited because my friend
from Connecticut told me that she wasn't playing China this tour. So I was feeling lucky. Then some odd number seconds into the song (maybe 31), Tori stopped.
She looked like she was almost in tears and then said, I can't do this song. I wrote this song for someone and he isn't with me anymore. She said something
along those lines and then went into a different song." This talking portion after China stops is VERY quiet and I couldn't get a clear audible version even with
amplifying and editing, so I left it alone in the end.