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Under the Pink Tour
Orono, ME (Oron)
Friday, October 21, 1994
Maine Center for the Arts

Dent Review: Review

Note: Data is very sporadic for this tour. Setlist may be incomplete or out of order.

Audience Recording

Tori Amos 1994-10-21 Orono, ME (USA) audience flac16

Original Link:
Info Hash: c00ee2546e0542cbcea2fb8d98379cbd9d664273
Size: 543.49 MB
Uploaded by: stevemtl

Fine recording of Tori Amos. Applause has been balanced and various interfering sounds were removed where possible. Enjoy.

Fault: Usual audience expressions of enthusiasm are appropriate and interfere with the listen only to a minor degree.

Orono, ME -- University of Maine Hutchins Hall
1994-10-21 -- 81:00

01. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
02. I'm on Fire
03. Space Dog
04. Leather
05. The Waitress
06. -talk-
07. Icicle
08. God
09. Winter
10. Precious Things
11. Bells for Her
12. Me and a Gun
13. Baker, Baker
14. -applause-
15. Cornflake Girl
16. A Case of You
17. -applause, talk-
18. Tear in Your Hand
19. Landslide

t01: snippet
t08,15: prerecorded backing track
t11>12: tape flip - applause reduced, no loss of music, possible loss of talk
Tori Amos - songwriter, except
t01: by Ennio Morricone
t02: by Bruce Springsteen
t16: by Joni Mitchell
t19: by Stevie Nicks

Tori Amos - vocals, piano, t11: detuned piano

No artwork.

Source: master cassette (equipment used unknown) > my trade cassette
Transferred by stevemtl: cassette > Nakamichi Dragon > Lucid AD9624 (mod) > R44 (24/48) > SD chip > HD
Mastered and posted to DIME by stevemtl on 2019-05-25:
HD > Soundforge (@24/48: trim, edit, L2 level adjust) > R8brain (downsample > 24/44.1) > Soundforge (dither > 16/44.1) > CDwave (track cut) > TLH (flac level 8, ffp, md5) > TLH (torrent) > DIME

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Please pass on in a lossless format; reserve mp3 and other degrades for your own use only.
Do not profit in any material way from this recording.