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Contact Information:

Dew Drop Inn Tour
Roanoke, VA (Roan)
Friday, October 11, 1996
Roanoke Civic Auditorium

Dent Review: Review Setlist
Audience Recording

Tori Amos 1996-10-11 Roanoke, VA

Original Link:
Filename: tori1996-10-11.flac.torrent
Info Hash: 973282bfac7c0f51a1eee4385bf7288d85551253
Size: 502.09 MB (526,481,509 bytes)
Uploaded by: lisa071573

Tori Amos
Roanoke, VA
at the Roanoke Civic Auditorium

Source 1: Taper Jason, cassette from Danica/Richard Handal's collection > JVC KD-W5 > Realistic 31-2020 10-band stereo equalizer
(tape hiss lowered by lowering 8KHz) > Marantz Stereo Receiver SR940

*Source 2: Taper Lisa071573, Sony TCM-2 cassette recorder > Me and a Gun & Jupiter transfer > JVC KD-W5 > Realistic 31-2020 10-band
stereo equalizer (tape hiss lowered by lowering 8KHz) > Marantz Stereo Receiver SR940

**Source 1 blends into Source 2 for complete song

Editing: CoolEdit Pro (Append tracks, Hard Limiting/Amplification, Vocal Presence Boost on Me and a Gun, Multitrack blending of Jupiter) > CD Wave (Tracking) > Trader's Little Helper (FLACs)

Comments: Noticeable tape hiss.

01. Beauty Queen
02. Horses
03. Happy Phantom
04. Can't Stop improv / Lovesong#
05. Caught a Lite Sneeze
06. chat
07. Cornflake Girl
08. Tear in Your Hand
09. Little Earthquakes
10. chat
11. Sugar (cut)
12. Winter
13. Precious Things
14. chat
15. Flying Dutchman
16. Talula (The Tornado Mix)
17. Me and A Gun*
- encore 1 -
18. improv / Landslide#
19. Baker Baker
- encore 2 -
20. requests
21. Butterfly (w/ a bit of Hyperballad#)
22. Old Man# (small bit) / Hey Jupiter **

Lovesong - The Cure
Landslide - Stevie Nicks
Hyberballad - Bjork
Old Man - Neil Young

Notes from Lisa:
Jason's tape was missing Me and a Gun and cut off during Jupiter. I took Me and a Gun and the end of Jupiter from my tape to fill in the missing bits. Unfortunately, I was very far away for this show, so my recording sounds more distant than Jason's and the auto-leveling feature on the recorder introduces extra hiss during the quieter parts (most notable in Me and a Gun). Also, due to a strange event with my recorder, my tape is missing most of the first half of the show, so I don't have the rest of Sugar. I ended up putting my recording onto a first generation copy and omitting the big gap (where the recorder taped over Side A as it recorded onto Side B of the tape), and then I (foolishly) reused the original cassette. So my recording is a first-gen version from my original tape.

Fun Fact: It was me that yelled "Here. In My Head" to which Tori responded, "I have a story about Here. In My Head that I'm going to tell you later, Lisa." For a minute there I thought Tori was psychic since I'd never spoken to her before! But of course, there was another girl named Lisa at the meet and greet that day that had asked Tori to play it that night. Her review of the show is here: