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Little Earthquakes Tour
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (Otta)
Thursday, October 29, 1992
The Penguin

Dent Review:  

Note: Data is very sporadic for this tour. Setlist may be incomplete or out of order.

Radio Broadcast

Tori Amos 1992-10-28 Toronto, ON (Canada) FM flac16

Original Link:
Filename: Tori Amos - 1992-10-28.torrent
Info Hash: c15d8448550d6dd575a1d34f8bda8b94b5873e84
Size: 261.10 MB (273,787,313 bytes)
Uploaded by: stevemtl

Brilliant, intelligent songs and talk all perfectly presented place this era of Tori Amos among my top favourites for all performers. Haven't listened to any of this music in 25 years, but it had so marked me that the words of most songs came back to me as I first listened. This is from a fresh transfer of my master and therefore will differ with all previous uploads of the broadcast.

Toronto, ON -- Phoenix Concert Theatre
1992-10-28 -- 49:30

01. -radio host intro, applause-
02. Happy Phantom
03. Crucify
04. -talk-
05. Silent All These Years
06. Precious Things
07. Tear in Your Hand
08. -talk-
09. Whole Lotta Love >
10. Thank You
11. -talk-
12. Winter
13. Smells Like Teen Spirit
14. -radio host outro-

note: CBC 'Hot Ticket' rebroadcast recorded 1993-09-05
Karen Gordon - radio host
Tori Amos - songwriter, except
t09: by John Bonham, Willie Dixon, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant
t13: by Chris Novoselic / David Grohl / Kurt Cobain

musician - Tori Amos - vocals, piano

No artwork.

source: recorded by stevemtl on 1993-09-05 - analogue cable FM > master cassette (TDK MA110)
transferred by stevemtl: master cass > Nakamichi Dragon > R500 (SBM) > R44 (16/48) > SD chip > HD
Mastered and posted to DIME by stevemtl on 2018-09-08:
HD > Soundforge (trim, edit, fades) > R8brain (downsample to 16/44.1) > CDwave (track cut) > TLH (flac level 8, ffp, md5) > TLH (torrent) > DIME

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Please pass on in a lossless format; reserve mp3 and other degrades for your own use only.
Do not profit in any material way from this recording.