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Dew Drop Inn Tour
Knoxville, TN (Knox)
Tuesday, April 23, 1996
Civic Auditorium

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Audience Recording

Tori Amos - 1996-04-23 Knoxville TN 44.1Kz 16bit Stereo Aud

Original Link:
Info Hash: 3e70d89a6a95a1f4953298de6f70127ca3d049aa
Size: 575.86 MB
Uploaded by: TennDave57

Tory Amos: Dew Drop Inn Tour
Knoxville, Tennessee - Civic Auditorium 1996- 04-23 (44.1Khz 16bit Flac)
Audience Recording from Master Tape (far left of stage, right in front of the left stacks- a terrible place for a stereo recording- :( oh well).
Recorded and Rendered by D. Emanuel (Big-E/TennDave57)

Lineage: Master made with TDK MA110 (metal tape- Dolby off) with Sony WMD-3 Pro Walkman using either the Sony ECM-907 mic at 120 degrees or Sonic Studio clip on mics onto glasses at the ears with 9V phantom power supply (I do not recall which I used) > Tranfer to WAV files with Fostex AR-4i iPhone digital recorder- lines in with L & R separate 1/8 inch connections from WMD-6 Pro Walkman line-out 1/8 inch stereo jack. The AR-4i was modified to use a lightening connector and the Wave files were captured on my iPhone 6S+ using the TW Recorder App > transfered to computer via iUSB cable > CoolEdit for normalizing L & R (this recording was very heavy on the left channel) and to decrease clapping and audience volume > CD Wave Editor for Tracking > TLH for Flac (level 8, aligned on sector boundaries), fingerprints and torrent creation.

I had my share of mishaps during my attempt to record this show. For one, I had trouble starting the recorder. Apparently the batteries were misaligned and I had to take them out and put them back in during the first song. What I got of Beauty Queen was the last few seconds so I just went ahead and took it out of the mix...there was a small pause between the end of it and Horses and so the recording here starts with Horses. The other issue was that I brought a 110 minute tape thinking it would be wasn't. I kept watching it thinking I would get all of Precious Things but to my chagrin, the tape ended with less than 30 seconds of the song remaining. I have tried to piece it together here the best I could. It's a little noticeable but I felt in this case, it would be best to be together rather than 2 separate files. I also did not have enough tape to record the 3rd encore. Who would have thought Tori would come back on stage a 3rd time?? During my rendering, I did no
t have to use fades. The recording of this show is as seemless as I believe it could get. There are tracks of just banter and the crowd when these were prolonged (like awaiting the encore). There are also a few places that distort- this is on the master recording. It is just so difficult to record an artist like this who sings at a whisper at times and at other times rocks the keys on the piano so hard you think her knuckles are breaking. I am not a fan of this artist but my wife wanted a recording so I went with her back in 1996 to this show. The main reason I made this availabe was because I wanted to see how well the Fostex AR-4i interface works going from an audio cassette tape to digital format. I think, given the caveats, it peformed rather well. Please give me feedback if you would!

I hope that if you're a fan you enjoy this one. My suggestion is to record to 2 CD's: The first disc would be to the end of #13- Not The Red Barron, and the second disc- the rest of the show. Your first disc will be close to 60 minutes and the second, about 50; and because there is a lull between track 13 and 14, the show will still be seemless.

Beauty Queen*/Horses
Yes, Anastasia
Blood Roses
Little Amsterdam
Cornflake Girl
Doughnut Song
Space Dog
Putting the Damage On
Precious Things
Not the Red Baron
Caught a Lite Sneeze
Me and a Gun
* Missed song due to recorder not starting

Encore 1:
Over the Rainbow

Encore 2:
Tear In Your Hand
American Pie >
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Hey Jupiter (harmonium)

Encore 3:
Songbird (Fleetwood Mac)*
* Was not recorded as I ran out of tape

01 Horses.flac:de99acd044cabab2ee3f4074a7b067bd
02 (Banter).flac:6f7b61a0a8b8fc965d842f17cf86a449
03 Yes, Anastasia.flac:994b3306675d12b97717c201b703a7e0
04 Blood Roses.flac:9a75e1597c77df759c7bc05d9b661ffe
05 Little Amsterdam.flac:cce3e785e3a33a767cee221562a7e737
06 Cornflake Girl.flac:cd3a81495dc8bf2052a66043b4aa24b8
07 Space Dog.flac:1923f7277560603547bd45a2f5e771dc
08 (Banter).flac:601063396cce8fea273f2ed8ae514204
09 Putting The Damage On.flac:95d05effd678a5bbb453db6572fab59e
10 Precious Things.flac:3e941fccd09b66faabfec656e5bd1576
11 Leather.flac:5d0aee309d0527cca29853631b7d3e73
12 Precious Little Things.flac:56c4d2ece1bcbbee07467efad9639b48
13 Not The Red Baron.flac:94e9176f82c3596b44e49fdf087e314c
14 Caught A Little Sneeze.flac:b8c68e89793abc9fd5fe38a6470e6e37
15 Icicle.flac:51c5f01ce940ab4ad151414c15dbfc0c
16 Talula.flac:4f7312b2b05f5c2310a54a3b390766cb
17 Me And A Gun.flac:df2dfb468fffe0f078e7fb281fb5c154
18 (Crowd).flac:35c020dd943e8508693004e693364131
19 Encore- Over The Rainbow.flac:ec8606e9bc16ab8b49d17306fa3140c7
20 Winter.flac:dcc3435e4d450660d1b43803c942dafa
21 (Crowd & Banter).flac:e41f00f1e8a1a1ce9b544c4b141f4b95
22 Encore II - Tear In Your Hand.flac:e69979611b818faea45d38e3a92e156e
23 American Pie .flac:f939f16d880ed06c4676d494e12d4d05
24 Smells Like Teen Spirit.flac:c5b388e30525578acade606d8ccccfbd
25 Hey Jupiter (harmonium).flac:bee53d6c2666010bbca4dc16127bde88