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Contact Information:

Original Sinsuality Tour
Atlanta, GA (Atl)
Monday, April 4, 2005
Symphony Hall

Dent Review: Review
Audience Recording

Tori Amos - 2005-04-04, Atlanta, GA (2nd source)

Original Link:
Info Hash: 99f933cbb557b1d7c11ff453ef002536a9316b53
Size: 435.47 MB
Uploaded by: tadreamer62

Tori Amos
April 4, 2005
Atlanta Symphony Hall
Atlanta, GA

contrast clause: this is source 2 of 2
the other recording is here:

Original info:


Tori Amos
Symphony Hall Woodruf Arts center 4/4/05

Position: 12 rows baCK, dead center orchestra
AT853 cards->Sony PCM M1 (Oade Modified) @ 48 KHz->Edirol UA-5->Audition 1.5->remaster at 32 bits->44. KHz WAV->CD

Original Sinsuality
Blood Roses
Past The Mission
Sleeps With Butterflies
The Power Of Orange Knickers
Doughnut Song

Rocket Man (Elton John cover)
Killing Me Softly (Roberta Flack cover)

Jamaica Inn
I Don't Like Mondays
The Beekeeper

1st Encore

Tear In Your Hand

2nd Encore




e191c835660fa070b84c998d2811d76d *tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t01.flac
d90a45f7346d10523dd4b11fa4c12af5 *tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t02.flac
efd846b220351536383e7c50643ac708 *tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t03.flac
6b14d9d30c7915329eb2566bdb7bf067 *tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t04.flac
fdac04f7a02ced72033e5c9a6ba4e300 *tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t05.flac
08e7a2da0839020897393baab20b3e29 *tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t06.flac
4164cbb1eb949ebea868698a926855a8 *tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t07.flac
4f7c9a89803bc03bb5cfe8bacf7236dc *tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t08.flac
d39c876504cc0b114bc64264a05dd599 *tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t09.flac
f444526494da26c02d63a588cccb61f7 *tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t10.flac
3c3ddcaea518dc422fbbf8d4f06d4367 *tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t11.flac
691a5f58e4096f02b2694400bbac0730 *tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t12.flac
681ebcaf797a8c77acaa3d39f3100bfd *tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t13.flac
c0acfdaccb3015697ad063864ff7b53d *tori amos 2005-4-4 d02t01.flac
07a4ba2fb677bed2fa771150ccaa6f84 *tori amos 2005-4-4 d02t02.flac
97b7903883b28c67b6457a365d9de20a *tori amos 2005-4-4 d02t03.flac
da7ed4e1363cbfe2090dae5d9c3f3418 *tori amos 2005-4-4 d02t04.flac
b978d205515e5dadcadc9f3dcfbf82ea *tori amos 2005-4-4 d02t05.flac
8bc1e5694d5e1fca6c8d6c4b47a44a6b *tori amos 2005-4-4 d02t06.flac


tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t01.flac:6df1ee0240243e0d058615ff672cdb45
tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t02.flac:efd5bd7b3e9183eea684a665033e46f1
tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t03.flac:1389bbfff0c64498add4cbb3cb298482
tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t04.flac:605df5f15c402eca711399de43f82a03
tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t05.flac:29d9ea8a69f141dbee62d9129968a034
tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t06.flac:7e00748135ce011b44040fb31411a391
tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t07.flac:cde2defad200eee53efac52606032c1a
tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t08.flac:a4c08c9a5cfc334891532317b8204c5f
tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t09.flac:ed9f71822a6140c4efc935f504744115
tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t10.flac:3d28f43bc11a111ecc0ef3da68abf153
tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t11.flac:ee5c20caea1abfe613d3a769c1c8e1bf
tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t12.flac:2012bbe0fed6f502f7fd26c6afdab2cc
tori amos 2005-4-4 d01t13.flac:b4176c9f6efaa13ccc5d4a10b7b1628e
tori amos 2005-4-4 d02t01.flac:28eaf79e5be13e149604db67a2aa9105
tori amos 2005-4-4 d02t02.flac:68b58eaa023327cc8c52fa8561560128
tori amos 2005-4-4 d02t03.flac:a8cc999cd6fb5ef9240738e181a58c65
tori amos 2005-4-4 d02t04.flac:81889820b33b8ba063154dfc0f80f0f3
tori amos 2005-4-4 d02t05.flac:99de3b989909f285431eecae3a736eff
tori amos 2005-4-4 d02t06.flac:f125e41180842c25e95397af64748a71