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Unrepentant Geraldines Tour
Sydney, Australia (Syd3)
Thursday, November 20, 2014
City Recital Hall Angel Place

Dent Review: Review
Audience Recording

Tori Amos 2014-11-20 City Recital Hall Sydney Australia

Original Link:
Filename: Tori Amos 11.20.14 City Recital Hall Sydney Australia.torrent
Info Hash: 3853ba89b635c3a78e926bd34753a43a57be1b0e
Size: 480.97 MB (504,337,185 bytes)  (21 files)
Uploaded by: mattkidd

Tori Amos - 2014-11-20 City Recital Hall Sydney Australia

Tori Amos

City Recital Hall Sydney Australia, Sydney, Australia, 2014-11-20

Cannon Power Shot SX40 HS-> File Format Converter-> trader's little helper

01 Bliss
02 Caught a Lite Sneeze
03 Putting the Damage On
04 The Power of Orange Knickers
05 Sleeps with Butterflies
06 Northern Lad
07 A Sorta Fairytale
08 Ruby Through the Looking-Glass
09 Dixie

Lizard Lounge

10 Superstar (Carpenters cover) (mashed up /Beyoncé's "Halo")
11 Jessie's Girl (Rick Springfield cover)

12 She's Your Cocaine
13 Cooling
14 Yo George
15 Dark Side of the Sun


16 Fire on the Side (Y Kant Tori Read song)
17 Fire to Your Plain
18 Cornflake Girl
19 Raspberry Swirl

b61c9c49d863456881d2b654a48324c3 *01.Bliss.flac
7613799fd8c5b4a885d548c57e4967be *02.Caught a Lite Sneeze.flac
0439c120094047bf9e2188c020e56076 *03.Putting the Damage On.flac
ce0f7fbc5a3cd19a0e70a405bcfc3a2d *04.The Power of Orange Knickers.flac
c37c758289f7c2fea18e487f2fb8551a *05.Sleeps with Butterflies.flac
d1d8f79a6c4951f5de44fe3e95aceb36 *06.Northern Lad.flac
cfa49a87cdee76722941179f4e5d90d8 *07.A Sorta Fairytale.flac
1dda41827473d3cdf6085c51a9f02991 *08.Ruby Through the Looking-Glass.flac
06dbf1ba7bdf73a462a5aa46de8311c8 *09.Dixie.flac
770c2aec7436c88aa2b986f9fba80bfd *10.Superstar (Carpenters cover) (mashed up Beyoncé's Halo).flac
49ab90dea59c8e2b347b0cd3e0717ba5 *11.Jessie's Girl (Rick Springfield cover).flac
add5c1f018e3b4b730f614b16596f578 *12.She's Your Cocaine.flac
44b22e239fbbd605b0bced0f24c127c2 *13.Cooling.flac
5d2d09d62b02867579b4a11c6f9ceed5 *14.Yo George.flac
c0ca455e1aa2c7fd4c52b62453abf3e6 *15.Dark Side of the Sun.flac
4c4f401cb5c77c70c6d02546c3898e5d *16.Fire on the Side.flac
d1a09c33049cdf0c550c82a29562c20f *17.Fire to Your Plain.flac
05f7c34b8a862e1f0b85646d7b58a3ff *18.Cornflake Girl.flac
041bcf3df7d97966cff0ef793b65c891 *19.Raspberry Swirl.flac
fdb160e35248b9fb7d9e97ad16e1131e *info.txt