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Dew Drop Inn Tour
Boulder, CO (Bldr2)
Monday, November 11, 1996
Macky Auditorium

Dent Review: Review Setlist
Audience Recording

1996-11-10 and 11-11 Boulder, CO

Original Link:
Filename: tori1996-11-10and11.flac.torrent
Info Hash: 84b223a61cfa51030148d792430276438b923ba5
Size: 921.21 MB (965,955,998 bytes)  (38 files)

Note: This was previously seeded on Dime.  The files have been renamed to fit our naming scheme and the md5 was edited, but otherwise the data is the same.


VENUE: Mackie Auditorium (CU Campus) Boulder, CO

DATE(S): November 10th and 11th, 1996

NOTE: The final 2 nights on the "Dew Drop Inn" Tour.

TAPER: TaperB (The very 1st shows I ever recorded!)

SOURCE: DAT master: DAUD (AT-853? omnis (bought them from Radio Shack) > Sony TCD-D7 (mic-input)
FOB: 10th row, left stack (11-10) 6th row center (11-11)


I originally transferred these 2 breathtaking performances to CD-R immediately following the shows. I then made a 2 disc compilation containing the entire 2nd night, and a few selected tracks from the previous night. I traded this set with a handful of internet traders, and as you all know, it was bootlegged, HEAVILY, then again, and again, and again.... (Who knew that this would end up being one of the most collected & treasured TA pieces of all time?)

Until now, I have never circulated the entire 1st night. The main reason why..... this being my very 1st stealth recording attempt, I had the sensitivity on my mics turned way up (thinking that this would be a quiet and mellow performance....LOL!). Consequently, this produced EXTREMELY LOUD and distorted crowd noise throughout the performance and in between songs. Because of the lack of affordable consumer audio editing tools available at the time, I decided to omit most of this show from my final mix, only keeping a few tracks for bonus filler material on the 2nd disc. For the second nights performance I used the AGC function to avoid overloading the mic input while recording, which produced better results.

For this special occasion, I trimmed out the in between harsh screaming, but left every single note and word in tact. (This had to be done before it was circulated, as I do not wanna be responsible for blowing thousands of peoples speakers out when the crowd erupts between songs.) - Other than that, these are the pure, raw transfers from my master DATs.

So.... 10 years to the very day, I am proud to present to you, the * COMPLETE * last 2 performances of Tori's 1996 "Dew Drop Inn" tour in all their original glory......ENJOY! - B -



1. Beauty Queen / Horses
2. Yes, Anastasia
3. Hurt / Bells For Her (on harpsichord)
4. Father Lucifer
5. Cornflake Girl
6. Doughnut Song
7. Little Earthquakes
8. Take To The Sky
9. Mother
10. Crucify
11. Caught A Lite Sneeze
12. Talula
13. Me And A Gun

1. She's Leaving Home
2. Baker Baker
3. In The Springtime Of His Voodoo
4. Hey Jupiter


1. Beauty Queen / Horses
2. I'm On Fire
3. The Waitress
4. Hurt / Caught A Lite Sneeze
5. Cornflake Girl
6. Honey
7. Pretty Good Year
8. Marianne
9. Here In My Head
10. These Precious Things
11. God / Amazing Grace (acapella, banging on the harpsichord)
12. Talula
13. Me And A Gun

1. Landslide
2. China
3. Tear In Your Hand
4. Daniel
5. Hey Jupiter