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Original Sinsuality Tour
Hartford, CT (Hart)
Sunday, April 10, 2005
The Bushnell

Dent Review: Review
Audience Recording

2005-04-10 Hartford, CT

Original Link:
Filename: tori2005-04-10.flac16.torrent
Info Hash: 32628931ad8f38d93057e8459bbbdbe969d13bde
Size: 560.49 MB (587,711,291 bytes)  (25 files)

Tori Amos
April 10, 2005
The Bushnell (William H. Mortensen Hall)
Hartford, CT

Sorry for taking so long to get this posted. I (obviously) wasn't in a big rush since The NYBG shared his film of this evening's concert. But for those who want just an audio document of the evening (and haven't already extracted the audio from his DVD), here it it. At last.

Recorded by woj
Location: Orchestra Center, 3rd row
Source: SP-CMC-2 (AT831) > Sony MZ-R50 Minidisc (SP stereo, mic-in)
Transfer: MDS-JE530 > Delta Dio 2496 (optical S/PDIF) > CD Wave
Post-processing: Cool Edit 2000 (compression, normalization)
WAV-to-FLAC: CD Wave (tracking) > flac 1.1.1 (level 6)

The battery box had a short so I had to run with plug-in power.

Disc split is where the minidisc swap occured. If you want a more even split if burning to audio CDs, split between tracks d1t13 and d1t14. No fades have been applied between any tracks, except at the start and end of the show, so you can split them wherever you want without breaking the continuity of the recording.

Disc 1

01. Original Sinsuality
02. Beauty Queen
03. Horses
04. greeting
05. Carbon
06. Parasol
07. Leather
08. Jackie's Strength
09. Strange
10. Piano Bar intro
11. 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
12. Me and Bobby McGee
13. Mrs. Jesus
14. Marys of the Sea
15. Silent All These Years
16. Ribbons Undone
17. Spring Haze

Disc 2

01. The Beekeeper

First Encore:
02. Merman
03. Cloud On My Tongue

Second Encore:
04. Sweet The Sting
05. Twinkle