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Under the Pink Tour
Dusseldorf, Germany (Duss)
Wednesday, April 13, 1994
Schumann Saal

Dent Review: Review

Note: Data is very sporadic for this tour. Setlist may be incomplete or out of order.

Audience Recording

TORI AMOS - 1994-04-13 - DUESSELDORF, Robert Schumann Saal - another DIMNEW master audience # 129 - Read Info Text! -

Original Link:
Info Hash: 40e3e66b66a9d773aa02b7bc975c868793256db3
Size: 483.11 MB
Uploaded by: Spacebandit

Robert Schumann Saal, Duesseldorf, Germany
April - 13 - 1994
Under the pink tour

from DIMENEW collection # 129

Rec. Info:
VIVANCO EM 160 mic -> Sony DAT recorder (unknown type) -> 2x DENON R90DT -> playback on Sony D8 (WAV 16/44) by Hanwaker -> USBstick -> my HD -> Audacity (edit/volume reduce of app. 4 db
during the clapping/no further action done) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...One of just a few DAT tapes I've received with the bunch of tapes from the dear
taper, Mr. DIMENEW. As I have no DAT for playback these tapes went via mail across the german country to dear Mr. HANWAKER for digitizing and back to me. So, please cut your applause
for this great recording into three: DIMENEW/HANWAKER/SPACEBANDIT. I love it when things work like this. Oh, and pardon, there's a little bit of hiss on this, as it seemed to be recorded
at high volume. Also, this is unfortunately incomplete, as a Joni Mitchell song at the end is missing.

The second of the two AMOS shows, dear DIMENEW did tape in the mid 90's. As stated before - on the Maastricht show - this recording is marred by a few nasty troubles: I've decided to fade in
the first song due to terrible amounts of digital bursts. You can hear a few minor at the start. Also, the dying power supply resulted in a few short cuts (all pasted) from track 13 on. At
last, the conclusing song, a Joni Mitchell cover (referring to torisetlists), is missing on this recording. So far about the bad truths. But nethertheless, I think it's a fair to very good
tape, which I think, should not be shelved away forever. When you turn on the radio and get all that acoustical airpollution, even a mediocre recording like this must feel like a holiday!
And, as my credo most always is: Better spread than leave dying, here it is. SB.

ALMOST FULL SHOW (82:36 min.)

01. (/) Landslide (2:39) *
02. Crucify (6:49)
03. Icicle (5:51)
04. Space dog (8:06)
05. Leather (3:56)
06. God (4:27)
07. Silent all these years (5:40)
08. Waitress (3:31)
09. Precious things (6:24)
10. Bells for her (6:42)
11. Me and a gun (6:05)
12. Smells like teen spirit (4:21) **
13. Cornflake girl (4:53)
14. Tear in your hand (5:35)
15. Winter (7:31)

** NIRVANA cover
Support the artist, go to her shows, carry off all the merch!
Please do not convert to fucking mp3 unless for personal use only.
If you sell (this) - go to hell!

TORI AMOS - Boesendorfer piano, voice (occasional drum-machine/samples)

ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t01.flac:3e0e920ad07ad70ba171e606fb460e12
ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t02.flac:41d0642f38b589102e1767e08dfdc698
ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t03.flac:52b3728fd95daf7dc26d9d3d15c96787
ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t04.flac:4a976a81661f3472a116dc35a0938c7f
ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t05.flac:b4ff240546c017cfc80685ae3254179d
ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t06.flac:d345b3b79389be018e42831f9aaa5c06
ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t07.flac:924702b480f86d3bc180e854cf3d64f0
ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t08.flac:d684e7b36ef1fc29b2f23fc068b254b8
ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t09.flac:b9a735cd7985d04498655d351ffa9a0e
ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t10.flac:1ca515d41271956081fd749aef1b976d
ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t11.flac:3599b87f757ff24303a4b78fdf7f8cd9
ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t12.flac:5a260ba343ec1ae164c2687778b9b2b2
ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t13.flac:c5fc5afbbb7dc74c9597bd48a8abaf51
ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t14.flac:16a830d0338400d37b482e4a6a201116
ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t15.flac:c4667e869c5f3eaf35272462eb01c324

No errors occured.

8388901a720c904b4775a6fb1a21d999 *the txt of TORI AMOS - 1994-04-13 - DUESSELDORF, Robert Schumann Saal.txt
f4de5fc820cc1570f6e41bc9bcefcc10 *ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t01.flac
ea535e5ff7afa9de7f36a2fb01fa3d57 *ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t02.flac
bdd846e8dcd00f29b3aa1871f86a433d *ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t03.flac
a26595dc1faf841b945a14d00dee3906 *ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t04.flac
364074e292260fc3c43b622939089c9c *ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t05.flac
f4fc5bb0a4da2328698b21418ecc3262 *ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t06.flac
ae68f69983d24b816474a0d789aecd51 *ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t07.flac
066f13dcb22df5c64491532beabe5075 *ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t08.flac
74fab7ab4d10402ba49ed0f5e04cb5f7 *ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t09.flac
7fc0c0feb6db1c07c8610832175a29ad *ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t10.flac
298a5daa9dff47fbdd9153f4de4946d8 *ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t11.flac
375d3c5e5d428e18545a998bd0936e82 *ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t12.flac
18b1a90ad6b9778ab56ca3fdf3874847 *ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t13.flac
7ea2cd2dd7f8fb7c69f6aa44d8e67b34 *ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t14.flac
52842489000e122bd4b0c317872fca54 *ToriAmos 1994-04-13_t15.flac

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