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Under the Pink Tour
Maastricht, Holland (Maas)
Saturday, May 7, 1994
Mecc Conference Center

Dent Review: Review

Note: Data is very sporadic for this tour. Setlist may be incomplete or out of order.

Audience Recording

TORI AMOS - 1994-05-07 - MAASTRICHT, Mecc - very good DAT-Master audience recording from DIMENEW collection # 128 -

Original Link:
Filename: TORI AMOS - 1994-05-07 - MAASTRICHT, Mecc.torrent
Info Hash: cbb76028aa59cbf9bd5e43cee39d6a94d860d343
Size: 496.15 MB (520,252,600 bytes)  (24 files)
Uploaded by: Spacebandit

Mecc, Maastricht, Nederland
May - 07 - 1994
Under the pink tour

from DIMENEW collection # 128

Rec. Info:
VIVANCO EM 160 mic -> Sony DAT recorder (unknown type) -> 2x DENON R90DT -> playback on Sony D8 (WAV 16/44) by Hanwaker -> USBstick -> my HD -> Audacity (edit/volume reduce of app. 4 db
during the clapping/no further action done) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND MIND...One of just a few DAT tapes I've received with the bunch of tapes from the dear
taper, Mr. DIMENEW. As I have no DAT for playback these tapes went via mail across the german country to dear Mr. HANWAKER for digitizing and back to me. So, please cut your applause
for this great recording into three: DIMENEW/HANWAKER/SPACEBANDIT. I love it when things work like this. Oh, and pardon, there's a little bit of hiss on this, don't know where it's from,
but it's nothing really serious...

One of the few recordings done by the great DIMENEW during the mid90's. A very nice show by Tori, herself in exceptional good mood, so she decided to add some very nice and entertaining
covers to her originals. There's another, but unfortunately incomplete show from Duesseldorf, too. If there's a certain interest I'll up that one too. But now let the DAT get started
and always remember: Mountains crumble to the sea, but I'll still be loving you...SB.

FULL SHOW (100:40 min.)

01. Intro -> Sugar (4:48)
02. The precious things (6:11)
03. Intro to... (1:23)
04. Space dog (6:22)
05. Leather (3:45)
06. God (4:11)
07. Intro to... (1:19)
08. I circle (5:09)
09. Crucify (6:33)
10. Intro to... (1:01)
11. Wrapped around your finger (5:55) *
12. Waitress (3:55)
13. Bells for her (6:09)
14. Me and a gun (6:07)
15. Silent all these years (5:57)
--- Encores ---
16. Cornflake girl (5:16)
17. Thank you (3:57) ** (tapeflip)
18. Here in my hat (5:31)
19. American pie -> Smells like teen spirit (6:16) ***/****
20. Landslide (4:04) *****
21. Winter (6:33)

* Police song
** Led Zeppelin song
*** Don McLean song
**** Nirvana song
***** Stevie Nicks song
Support the artist, go to her shows, carry off all the merch!
Please do not convert to fucking mp3 unless for personal use only.
If you sell (this) - go to hell!

TORI AMOS - Boesendorfer piano, voice (occasional drum-machine/samples)

ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t01.flac:2b8bbc721a224e4537968d2ddcdf9d01
ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t02.flac:ec47ce6286013ca5409b9eb5f45cccda
ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t03.flac:80d0c1c858dacdbcc66c403981356bd0
ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t04.flac:da051dab77063c67ec8bf284e5c3aa28
ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t05.flac:07b28069ae3b97fcfed70cf66f6cf034
ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t06.flac:e81a2d1a11776411f77551d6da41fde1
ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t07.flac:596b6d6c0bc1febc2359e9c4b8c8e383
ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t08.flac:e0410ca41ce9269771e40102135dcc8e
ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t09.flac:19ffe905a1076a5983d213aaf94facef
ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t10.flac:aea32ce64ef8b75aa37115b064b5cc80
ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t11.flac:18901df4ee5e0dc2a26e11f41ade521b
ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t12.flac:3686702f3b3515345369991e01965cc3
ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t13.flac:1033af7972839068a7cd76b84712a5ce
ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t14.flac:e350ff6b7daf9833ff6bf1dc7fb30990
ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t15.flac:14fb0caf5eaaea36368bd60d5bf80c69
ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t16.flac:8fc69afe4e1c849d35fa67ce5a90a527
ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t17.flac:452c51f909b3410160ee81052c023750
ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t18.flac:81b86af2f9a2c4c202590a49cb662477
ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t19.flac:fee156699e3a407f1b05ea642a058362
ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t20.flac:e8fbc7c6795c73ecddcf17348fc2c3e4
ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t21.flac:bf12da919561d8d9c088bc2498a746f0

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6cca4b31addd0e782843e15cbbfa0a28 *the txt of TORI AMOS - 1994-05-07 - MAASTRICHT, Mecc.txt
27925e5174471da218a6815a77542f71 *ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t01.flac
f3a4a339c70becb18c6ab1fbf4e9e6a8 *ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t02.flac
1703c70d17bd5c6b4e5307b3752c27f6 *ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t03.flac
0098605918dcb189668e7ffc471701a3 *ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t04.flac
0dfc333bcc8639835d0850905b4cc275 *ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t05.flac
36a77c402bb63ead9cbbe07de6378ac8 *ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t06.flac
bc09d0fb941eae26a0fd1e42e6386163 *ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t07.flac
bf5279e275df2578cb5301a13684621d *ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t08.flac
f304cf8755e19ad6d08e8fd88e50f6ac *ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t09.flac
5a4272c20e1a98eb92317b96ff5ef63e *ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t10.flac
33a3efcc96721ffd7612daa37447f1fb *ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t11.flac
ab597ef6d197813760f4869ffe0d7c6f *ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t12.flac
ffa2f44ef77a5acb295e6af60fc59fe6 *ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t13.flac
180c129076f29518f0255e14874cd48c *ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t14.flac
39b7d484d76c73f52c981bdb875f2f98 *ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t15.flac
0b1d6d644fc1ae5fcff54644788c4975 *ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t16.flac
3709bff7bb57780c273f7343fd40e948 *ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t17.flac
9f58f98bc3a37b6a7318a8b5f6fac80a *ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t18.flac
97b7143cea4ba067c4920e6d31a9858e *ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t19.flac
982ac3d4844a8f1b014f8f251dcf7820 *ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t20.flac
ae18c9df5c1c9ae93b2c750475f17ca7 *ToriAmos 1994-07-05_t21.flac

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