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Scarlet's Walk Tour
Austin, TX (Aust)
Saturday, April 26, 2003
The Backyard

Dent Review: Review
Silver CD Bootleg

Tori Amos - Backstage At The Backyard

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Size: 838.37 MB
Uploaded by: steelydan

Tori Amos
Austin, TX
The Backyard
Saturday, April 26, 2003

Liberated Bootleg: "Backstage At The Backyard"

Quality: 9.5/10 (brilliant audience)

Disc One 73:45
01. Wampum Prayer 0:50
02. A Sorta Fairytale 7:05
03. Sugar 4:46
04. Father Lucifer 7:20
05. God 4:49
06. Rattlesnakes 4:59
07. Girl 4:36
08. Black-Dove (January) 5:24
09. Wednesday 4:39
10. China 5:42
11. Vincent (Starry Starry Night) 6:40
12. Carbon 4:50
13. Putting The Damage On 5:51
14. Cornflake Girl 6:09

Disc Two 69:38
01. Sweet Dreams 6:22
02. The Waitress 4:04
03. Precious Things 5:56
04. I Can't See New York 7:49
05. Iieee 5:37
06. Taxi Ride 6:51
07. Spark 5:26
08. Glory Of The 80s 5:32
09. Hey Jupiter 6:16

Bonus -- recorded at San Luis Obispo, CA, April 14, 2003
10. My Little World 1:55
11. Boys In The Trees 3:35
12. Silent All These Years 5:30
13. Merman 4:39

silver CDs > EAC > FLAC

Recording info from liner notes:
"... made with a professional equipment right in fornt of the speakers" by a
certain Prof. Stone

Personnel comments:
Oh boy, what a recording! Usually I do not care much for audience recordings.
But this is the 2nd one that made my mouth drop after first listening (the 1st
was a Zappa audience recording called "Gesture Of Contempt"). So, thanks to
Prof. Stone. Samples will be posted in the comment section.

What a performance and what a setlist! "Black-Dove", "Ieee", "Taxi Ride" (what
an intro!), "Glory" and, and, and. According to the-dent-homepage: this Tori debuted for the first time
this tour Sweet Dreams (with the band).

I think that dropping the guitar from the band was not a good idea (did the
B�sendorfer got jealous? ;-) ) and therefore I do not care much for this tour.
But the performance of this particular show is really awesome (see comments of
attendants at the dent page) and it simply blows the official "Sunny Florida"
show into tiny little pieces.

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