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Little Earthquakes Tour
Frankfurt, Germany (Frank2)
Sunday, June 7, 1992
Alte Opera

Dent Review:  

Note: Data is very sporadic for this tour. Setlist may be incomplete or out of order.

Silver CD Bootleg

Tori Amos- 1992-06-07 Frankfurt, Germany "Pieces of Me" Liberated Bootleg

Original Link:
Info Hash: 776dffdb17798a5301e10a8c1f51486a9f8b40cc
Size: 497.32 MB
Uploaded by: mrlolo

Tori Amos
Alte 0per
Frankfurt, Germany
June 7, 1992
"Pieces of Me" Liberated Bootleg

(Excellent Audience Recording) DAT?

Lineage Disc One:

Tracks extracted from silver cd in Roxio Media Creator>.WAV> Track Markers added to correctly divide songs>
.FLAC conversion Trader's Little Helper (Level 8)> dime (See additional notes for more info)

Lineage Disc Two:

Tracks extracted from silver cd in Roxio Media Creator>.WAV>.FLAC conversion (TLH)> dime

Tracks 5-14 (disc 2) are from various audience sources live 91-92 mostly from good sources with the exceptions of:
7. Ain't No Sunshine 10. Imagine 13. Take to the Sky...Which are a bit lacking in quality, but still listenable.

MD5 created with Trader's Little Helper- Torrent Created in Vuze

Disc 1 (1:08:19)

1. Impromptu (New Shoes)
2. Flying Dutchman
3. (chat) Crucify
4. (chat) Silent All These Years
5. Precious Things
6. Leather
7. (chat) Whole Lotta Love> Thank You (Led Zeppelin)
8. Upside Down
9. Happy Phantom
10. China
11.Tear in Your Hand
12. Me and a Gun
13. Winter
14. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)

Disc 2 (1:06:02)

1. Mother
2. (chat) Sentimental Journey (published in 1944. The music was written by Les Brown and Ben Homer, and the lyrics were written by Arthur Green.)
3. Sugar
4. A Case of You (Joni Mitchell)
(end of Frankfurt 1992)

5. Here in My Head (Seattle 8.29.92)
6. Little Earthquakes (Seattle 8.29.92)
7. Ain't No Sunshine (Sunderland, UK 12.12.91) (Bill Withers)
8. Mary (Detroit 10.30.92)
9. (chat) Little Drummer Boy (Santa Barbara, Ca. Anaconda 8.25.92)
10. Imagine ((Sunderland, UK 12.12.91) (John Lennon)
11. Song for Eric (Seattle 8.29.92)
12. Girl (San Juan Capastrano, Ca. Coach House 9.5.92)
13. Take to the Sky (Red Bank, NJ Count Basie Theatre 10.11.92 *First Performance)
14. Angie (Hamburg, Germany 6.8.92) (The Rolling Stones)

*Additional Notes on the reworking of this recording*

Disc One was originally tracked like this: (Poorly done like most 'for sale' bootlegs are)

1. Impromptu (New Shoes)> Flying Dutchman
2. (chat) Crucify
3. (chat) Silent All These Years> Precious Things
4. Leather
5. (chat) Whole Lotta Love> Thank You> Upside Down> Happy Phantom
6. China> Tear in Your Hand
7. Me and a Gun
8. Winter
9. Smells Like Teen Spirit

The back cover artwork is incorrect as it leaves out track 3 "Crucify" and track 8 "Upside Down" entirely.

Disc one was track corrected to fix these errors from the original pressing.
Disc two was left intact as it was tracked and labeled correctly.

In conclusion, I put some effort into making this recording more fluid to the listener as far as tracking goes...
I left the 2 Zeppelin covers as one track because they flow directly from one into an abridged version of another.