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Original Sinsuality Tour
Austin, TX (Aus)
Friday, September 2, 2005
The Backyard

Dent Review: Review
Audience Recording

2005-09-02 Austin, TX

Original Link:
Filename: tori2005-09-02Austin.torrent
Info Hash: 60e43c61aff032bb9f207336ffc1d80e44ce43cf
Size: 453.69 MB (475,730,174 bytes)  (23 files)

Tori Amos
The Backyard
Austin, TX

Taper: ToriphileMaria  (
Source: SP-CMC-8 Cardiods > SPsb-1 (bass roll-off @ 69 hz,line-in)  > Sony TCD-D100 (44.1 kHz)
Transfer: Master DAT > Sony TCD-D100 (SPDIF Out) > M-Audio Delta Audiophile 2496 (SPDIF In)
          > Steinberg WaveLab 4.0 (EQ,fades,level boosts) > CD Wave > .FLAC

+ PRESERVE THE QUALITY! This recording is being distributed in the lossless +
+ flac format to maintain its original fidelity. Feel free to convert to    +
+ mp3, aac, wma or whatever format you prefer for personal use but please  +
+ do not redistribute in non-lossless formats.  Thank you!                  +

Disc 1:

01. Original Sinsuality
02. Little Earthquakes*
03. Tori speaks**
04. Not Your Enemy improv/Parasol**
05. Siren**
06. Marianne
07. Jamaica Inn
08. Bells For Her
09. Tori's piano bar chat
10. When The Levee Breaks (Led Zeppelin cover)
11. Mad World (Tears For Fears cover)

Disc 2:

01. Cars And Guitars
02. Jackie's Strength
03. Frog On My Toe
04. Silent All These Years
05. The Beekeeper
06. Garlands
07. Pretty Good Year
08. Space Dog
09. Your Cloud

  *Adjustment of recording levels during begining LE;
**Mic ruffling sounds due to mic repositioning at the begining of both Parasol & Siren;
***Also, there was considerable gusts of wind that night, resulting in slight wind noise
      in some of the tracks; should have used the windscreens!