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Montreal, Quebec, Canada (Mon)
Friday, August 26, 2005
Bell Centre
Original Sinsuality Tour
Dent Review: Review

2005-08-26 Montreal, PQ (Orestesluna Source)

Original Link:
Filename: 2005-08-26 Montreal, PQ orestesluna.torrent
Info Hash: 4a83c5116195d45c99ce1086cfccb130ff08233a
Size: 512.42 MB (537,309,453 bytes)  (21 files)

There are two sources of this show on the tracker. Here are some links in case you'd like to check out short samples (these are NOT full songs) from each recording before deciding which to download:

Short samples of orestesluna's source:

Short samples for cnpubwear's source:


Tori Amos

August 26 2005
Bell Centre
Montreal, PQ

Please do not sell this recording!
Please do not distribute in any lossy format.   

source:  sp-cmc-8 (at853) omni's > sp-spsb6 @69hz > (line in) mz-nh700 @pcm >
sonicstage 2.3 > wav conversion tool > cd wave > flac frontend 8


1- Original Sinsuality
2- Siren
3- Amber Waves
4- China
5- Yes Anastasia
6- Mother Revolution
7- God

Tori's Piano Bar:
8- Do It Again (Steely Dan)
9- Live to Tell (Madonna)

10- Marys of the Sea
11- Marianne
12- Goodbye Pisces
13- Past the Mission
14- The Beekeeper

Encore 1:
15- Leather
16- Alamo

Encore 2:
17- Merman
18- 1000 Oceans

If you are going to break this into two discs then I guess just after the piano bar would be the best place to do so.

taped by Orestesluna