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Sinful Attraction Tour
Perth, Australia (Prth)
Saturday, November 21, 2009
PCEC Riverside Theatre

Dent Review: Review
Audience Recording

Tori Amos Perth Convention Theatre 2009-11-21

Original Link:
Info Hash: b0ea930be28b506f147a43c1e4b1ca2a7016660f
Size: 419.80 MB
Uploaded by: vera09

Date: 2009-11-21
Location: Perth, Australia
Venue: Perth Convention Theatre
Source: AUD
Quality: 8/10

Recorded By: pyometronguts (petersell)

Recorded with: Edirol R09 (internal speakers) -> wav -> Sony SoundForge 9.0c (volume boost, mild compression)-> CD Wave (track splitting) and to .flac using FLAC(level 8) -> You

Position: Sitting central 2nd row from front

Not one of my best recordings - had a battery fail toward end of the show - missed last 3 tracks.

The show was a great mix of older stuff from LE (Leather, Girl, Mother), UTP (Pretty Good Year,
Bells for Her, Baker Baker) and BFP (Blood Roses, Marianne, Frog on My Toe). It was pretty
subdued and Tori didn�t say much (except that she mentioned something like whenever she visits
Perth she always runs into the same people, from a couple of years ago and a couple of years before
that and before that in 1994) � she was also making heaps of faces and smiling a lot. Tori f�d up
midway through Snow Cherries from France and she swore repeatedly (which is always amusing!)
but didn�t stop playing. The venue was nice and intimate, although it didn�t look like a sell out. All
in all, a little quiet, but lovely!

Set List

Lady In Blue
Pretty Good Year
Blood Roses
That Guy
Beauty of Speed
Snow Cherries From France
I Can�t See New York
Jamaica Inn
Bells For Her
Frog on my Toe
Jeanette, Isabella
The Beekeepr

Mother Revolution - missed

1,000 Oceans - missed
Baker Baker - missed

; wholefile md5 checksum file generated by Trader's Little Helper
; generated on November 24, 2009, at 4:00 pm

6301cb6fbad617c120098690466bc066 *01. Lady In Blue.flac
de1ac928e1e6b2473056877fd849dac5 *02. Pretty Good Year.flac
fffd14e6892f017a2d901e2943d9af7d *03. Blood Roses.flac
e0a0fe1e1fb5f9f81379cf5e9c0e6482 *04. Leather.flac
bdcb359adf0f51e23c5b80bf82d79255 *05. Girl.flac
71b876aaab14f0eee903163219bd79ea *06. That Guy.flac
ab147e31693c122bb3678352c474c26e *07. Beauty Of Speed.flac
bb2cc17498a2357d8f5c100052226efd *08. Snow Cherries From France.flac
8f119fa876f213388dca86d51efcc7e2 *09. I Cant See New York.flac
896b428aca738f4307d2d115fcf58ce1 *10. Jamiaca Inn.flac
1100e2286dceeec6be3c85617ad1b4e4 *11. Bells For Her.flac
0a24c3445698b46323b4308bbbe926bf *12. Marianne.flac
007a60deb071be9a78d09c294ea49887 *13. Frog On My Toe.flac
2df15d9152538632b922abc400d72354 *14. Jeanette Isabella.flac
77e64024068cf3beca0223047688d938 *15. The Beekeeper.flac
9a20f8267f0721a0a0c31ee7020eb57d *16. Mother.flac