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Sinful Attraction Tour
Indianapolis, IN (Ind)
Friday, August 7, 2009
Murat Theatre

Dent Review: Review
Audience Recording

Tori Amos August 7, 2009 Indianapolis, IN at the Murat Theatre

Original Link:
Info Hash: 70c40345b408a7eefd317efae5e679ef3882c9cf
Size: 646.90 MB
Uploaded by: vera09

Tori Amos
August 7, 2009
Indianapolis, IN at the Murat Theatre

Taper: Lisa071573
Location: Orch Center, Row G, Seat 13
Source: Sony ECM-DS60P > mic (plug in power) > Sony MZ-M200 (Hi-SP)
Transfer: Sony MZ-M200 > USB > SonicStage 3.4 > Goldwave (reduce bass) >
CDWave (tracking) > Flac Frontend > flac (level 8)

The crowd at this show was one of the worst and noisiest I'd seen in a long time. My levels
were probably set one notch too high, so during the applause, woohoo-ing and screaming, there is
some clipping and overloading. There's also one REALLY obnoxious girl who was two rows behind
me and kept yelling, "I love you, Tori!" at the top of her lungs. I suggest making a drinking
game out of it and having a shot every time she does it. This way, by the time you reach the
encore you'll be drunk and it won't bother you any more. (And if anyone wants to count how
many times she does it, I'm betting it's more than 20.) I was also sitting in between two couples
who apparently were unaware there was a concert going on. There's some mic fumbling during Give
while I tried to re-position the mic away from their talking as much as possible. The couple on
my right departed before the solo songs, so there's less talking in the second half of the recording.
There's also some mic fumbling after Hotel, which is when everyone finally sat down. I also taped
the show on my Sharp MD and if anyone's interested, I can transfer that one also since it's not
overloaded during the applause. On the whole though, I thought this version was crisper and cleaner.

This was my 100th Tori show :).

01. intro
02. Give
03. Beauty of Speed
04. story / band introduction
05. Cornflake Girl
06. Starling
07. Crucify (w/ fuck up)
08. Ireland
09. Welcome to England
10. Jamaica Inn
11. Hotel
12. Bells for Her

-Lizard Lounge-
13. Peeping Tommi
14. Cooling
15. Gold Dust

(band returns)
16. Horses
17. Tear in Your Hand
18. Fast Horse
19. Precious Things
20. Strong Black Vine

21. Raspberry Swirl
22. Big Wheel