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Midwinter, Summer 2010 Tour
Amsterdam, Netherlands (Amst)
Friday, October 8, 2010
Heineken Music Hall

Dent Review: Review
Radio Broadcast

Tori Amos - 2010-10-08 Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (FM Master)

Original Link:
Info Hash: 2ceb7b0703bd94e9159c251abea29131da7ebbe5
Size: 349.80 MB
Uploaded by: colonelparke

Tori Amos - 2010-10-08 Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

First I would like to thank our Dime friend Sprk24 (Martijn) from the Netherlands
who borrowed a receiver to record this show from the Dutch Radion Station 6.
All credits should go to him. Without his efforts I would not be able to share this here.

Artist: Tori Amos with The Metropole Ochestra
Date: 8th Octber 2010
Venue: Heineken Music Hall
City: Amsterdam
Country: The Netherlands
Source: Dutch Radio 6 (FM)
Broadcast Date: 2010-12-20 (23:00)
Linage: Kenwood radio -> MacBook Pro soundcard / Audacity -> Sound Forge for fades, normalizing and tracking, FLAC Frontend

Note: There is a brief outage towards the end of Star Of Wonder. I left it in for the FLAC file.

Show Info:
Three songs were performed a second time since the concert was recorded for a radio broadcast,
according to what Tori said from the stage. The encore was to include �Mother� (performed solo)
as well but it was dropped, probably due to time.

Setlist of the broadcast:

00. Start
01. Star of Wonder
02. Tori anouncment
03. Jackie�s Strength
04. Our New Year
05. Silent All These Years
06. Tori story
07. Flying Dutchman
08. Maybe California
09. Improv >
10. Holly Ivy and Rose >
11. Snow Angel
12. Tori anouncment
13. Programmable Soda
14. Yes, Anastasia
15. Winter

Setlist of all played songs in order as performed:
Main Set

* Star of Wonder
* Jackie�s Strength
* Snow Cherries From France
* Baker Baker
* Marianne
* Flying Dutchman
* Our New Year
* Silent All These Years
* Maybe California
* improv > Holly Ivy and Rose > Snow Angel
* Programmable Soda
* Girl Disappearing
* Yes, Anastasia
* Winter


* Snow Cherries From France (repeat for recording)
* Jackie�s Strength (repeat)
* Star of Wonder (repeat)
* Precious Things

fa5ecf8f36dace7851e67653c70c2369 *00 Start.flac
c16e1e4747ec492f99cf336c1b83fa7b *01 Star of Wonder.flac
5fe3cd62f279f87b054bc56410cb05b9 *02 Tori anouncment.flac
1b08f4a074b430d69d238c8409ae12d9 *03 Jackie�s Strength.flac
23b892646c72c943e04eb0859ccad732 *04 Our New Year.flac
68d76dbf521b691b62d6a1226229351c *05 Silent All These Years.flac
73eb1512fcdcbfedbd27e6a606f69b97 *06 Tori story.flac
2f1be1931a6630bfe2fc8c492419ca48 *07 Flying Dutchman.flac
463b108383d09e1ba15b2a5999de1df2 *08 Maybe California.flac
16cb50a3fc3b5fb7de5287da04620cbc *09 Improv.flac
e973ba6f837804641f13f75adaea310d *10 Holly Ivy and Rose.flac
49fc3e2d12e5d4a94ea056138cc60056 *11 Snow Angel.flac
3e4c6ef60df2c84075587d1320a01626 *12 Tori anouncment.flac
3a893ac2caef6f8ef062f95f8a0d8109 *13 Programmable Soda.flac
d610d8e8f49c91b60a23b129592d58bf *14 Yes, Anastasia.flac
b2207420224e121302798292fd6fd815 *15 Winter.flac
6152e1c6a38472f7d713095f754ddb3c *Info.txt