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Five and a Half Weeks Tour
Boise, ID (Bois)
Saturday, October 9, 1999
Idaho Center

Dent Review: Review
Audience Recording

1999-10-09 Boise, ID

Original Link:
Filename: tori1999-10-09.shnf.torrent
Info Hash: fe6e5e3faf362e779e7a646e5eb336b59eabb57e
Size: 588.78 MB (617,383,640 bytes)  (23 files)

thanks to ryan for sending this to me and lisa for taping. :)

Tori Amos
October 9, 1999
Nampa (Boise), ID
Idaho Center
To Dallas and Back Tour

Taper: Lisa071573
Location:  Sec F1, Row G, Seat 14 (center on the aisle)
Source: GE 3-5365 cassette recorder, built-in mic (high) with auto-level adjustment,
(2) Maxell XLII High Bias 90 min (master tape) -> Marantz tape deck/graphic stereo
equalizer -> line in -> CD Wave Editor -> wav -> mkwAct -> shn with seek tables appended

Noticeable tape hiss. Hiss lowered slightly by lowering 8KHz button on EQ.

1.  God
2.  Cruel
3.  Caught a Lite Sneeze
4.  chat / band intro
5.  Cornflake Girl
6.  Father Lucifer
7.  Bliss
8.  Hotel
Secret time - Band leaves
9.  Happy Phantom
10. Marianne
11. Hey Jupiter
Band returns
12. Concertina

1. Riot Poof
2. Professional Widow
3. Waitress
Encore one
4. Precious Things
5. Space Dog
Encore two
6. Graveyard >
7. Tear in Your Hand
8. Horses