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Under the Pink Tour
Berlin, Germany (Berl)
Saturday, April 9, 1994

Dent Review: Review

Note: Data is very sporadic for this tour. Setlist may be incomplete or out of order.

Soundboard Recording

Tori Amos, Trinitatiskirche, Berlin, Germany (1994/04/09) with filler

Original Link:
Info Hash: b0efd54fed607a94e8e5171c39090bf74d520b25
Size: 674.26 MB
Uploaded by: wonderboy

Date: 9 April 1994
Venue: Trinitatiskrine Cathedral, Berlin
Source: Pre-FM Soundboard DAT > ZA2 > CDR

Bonus Material: Interview from KSCA Radio, Los Angeles, 24 August 1994
Source: FM Broadcast > DAT > MIA > CDR

Disc 1:
01. American Pie
02. Smells Like Teen Spirit
03. Pretty Good Year
04. Crucify
05. Jesus My Saviour
06. Icicle
07. Precious Things
08. Happy Phantom
09. God
10. Silent All These Years
11. The Waitress
12. Leather
13. Bells for Her

Disc 2:
01. Me and a Gun
02. Baker Baker
03. Cornflake Girl
04. Tear in Your Hand
05. Summertime
06. Winter

Bonus: KSCA Interview
07. Interview
08. Honey
09. Interview
10. Icicle
11. Interview

This show is one of the few true soundboard recordings in circulation
and is the complete show. This performance took place the day news
broke of Kurt Cobain's death. From the Really Deep Thoughts mail list:

...She came on stage without saying anything and started to play
"American Pie", a song dedicated to Buddy Holly. Afterwards she went straight
into "Smells Like Teen Spirit", obviously those two songs were for Kurt Cobain.
She didn't say a thing, but gave a kiss towards the sky...

The bonus material is excellent but incomplete.
Has a small skip in the middle of the interview.


a copy of the main feature here is already on the tracker. 'Summertime' however comes with a bonus.