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Scarlet's Walk Tour
Lowell, MA (Low)
Tuesday, November 19, 2002
Tsongas Arena

Dent Review: Review
Audience Recording

Tori Amos - 2002-11-19 - Tsongas Arena, Lowell, MA USA [AUD]

Original Link:
Info Hash: 6090ca32d517239a7a2694a126060748df3698a8
Size: 277.18 MB
Uploaded by: crematia13

Tori Amos at Tsongas Arena, Lowell, MA, November 19, 2002, audience recording.

This was recorded with Sony TCS-580V cassette recorder with built-in stereo mics. The first 4 tracks were recorded onto a Fuji DRII-90, the remaining 5 on a TDK SA90 (both tapes Type II). Tapes went from Onkyo TA-RW313 into Audigy Soundblaster SE. Track markings and cdr made with Magix Music On CD And DVD program. Wav made with Roxio Easy Media 8, flac with FlacFrontend.

The sound quality on this one gets a B-. There is a major flaw with this recording - the tape broke while recording, and I didn't realize it until I switched tapes, missing fifteen songs, and the end of track 04. A taper's nightmare! The first two tracks involve me getting to my seat, so it improves after a minute or two. The last 5 tracks are a little louder than the tracks from the first tape. I wish I'd used the TDK tape in the first place! In any event, I have not seen this show elsewhere, so I figured I'd help out the completists, as well as anyone who was at the show. It was a great performance, in an awful venue.

Enjoy responsibly - don't sell, and give credit when trading elsewhere (to crematia13).

Happy holidays!

01 - Wampum Prayer.flac:4d688f979db4ce6c8caccbfe5bbceb7d
02 - A Sorta Fairytale.flac:18ca78c63ad274d3d2d829ee5307e1f6
03 - Sugar.flac:d1fa2910833d0f60c36a912c7495ef3c
04 - Crucify cut off.flac:6a40af5e66ee75777119e999a1691148
05 - Cornflake Girl.flac:b0795383cb236a48548a7c1296315c2a
06 - Your Cloud.flac:c63aecb38fe2d5b5a3e4019a0f58a645
07 - Tear In Your Hand.flac:d6419b1aab59e56c3d93ccdf55c13090
08 - Sweet Sangria.flac:c5cb6f53b5e67ae20bb8409e2faf7fdc
09 - Hey Jupiter.flac:5d6bd9281a8a8d6ab1dd88fb9a6adeb9