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Little Earthquakes Tour
Amsterdam, Holland (Amst)
Sunday, March 15, 1992

Dent Review:  

Note: Data is very sporadic for this tour. Setlist may be incomplete or out of order.

Silver CD Bootleg

Tori Amos : "Tori Stories" discs 1-2 (Ultra Rarities + Amsterdam 1992-03-13)

Original Link:
Info Hash: 97d2fcd13a524f007992f28678597fa8aad9406e
Size: 624.68 MB
Uploaded by: Mandrill

These are all the infos I got with the files.
Unfortunately I don't have the other set with discs 3 & 4, so it would be great if someone could seed it one of these days!

Baltimore Sessions and Wedding Performance are for hardcore fans only (imho), but the rest is really a must have for everyone who likes "Little Earthquakes" & "Under The Pink"!

Enjoy! (mandrill)


The first two discs of the fantastic Tori Stories bootleg box set.

Disc 1 is very rare early stuffand some UTP demos, with variable sound quality.

Disc 2 is a terrific LE performance in Amsterdam 15mar92.

silver discs -> Plextor -> cd-ex -> flac -> you

Disc 1 - Ultra Rarities

1. Baltimore [Baltimore Sessions]
2. Walking With You [Baltimore Sessions]
3. A Happy Day [Baltimore Sessions]
4. Icicle [Under The Pink Piano Demos]
5. Could On My Tongue [Under The Pink Piano Demos]
6. Baker Baker [Under The Pink Piano Demos]
7. Pretty Good Year [Under The Pink Piano Demos]
8. Piano Improvisation [Wedding Perfomance - 1978]
9. Evergreen [Wedding Perfomance - 1978]
10. If [Wedding Perfomance - 1978]
11. You Needed Me [Wedding Perfomance - 1978]
12. You Light Up My Life [Wedding Perfomance - 1978]
13. We've Only Just Begun [Wedding Perfomance - 1978]
14. Attila The Honey [A Conversation With God]

Disc 2 - Little Earthquakes Live Show (Holland 3/15/92)

1. Crucify
2. Silent All These Years
3. Precious Things
4. Happy Phantom
5. Leather
6. Upside Down
7. Little Earthquakes
8. Whole Lotta Love
9. Thank You
10. Me And A Gun
11. Winter
12. Smells Like Teen Spirit
13. Mother
14. China
15. Song For Eric