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Original Sinsuality Tour
Clearwater, FL (Clr)
Friday, April 1, 2005
Ruth Eckard Hall

Dent Review: Review
Audience Recording

Tori Amos 01 Apr 2005 Clearwater, FL Ruth Eckerd Hall

Original Link:
Info Hash: 054f43eb7032e45400ee04c4089feab8c4dd1c54
Size: 490.18 MB
Uploaded by: vera09

Tori Amos
01 Apr 2005
Clearwater, FL US
Ruth Eckerd Hall

Source: SPt16 Cardioids > SPsb-1 > D100 (48.1) > FLAC > CDR > Audio Extraction through EAC
0.95b4(secure mode) > .WAV > Encoded using dBpowerAMP > .FLAC
.md5 checksum by TLH v1.1.1.90

Set List

01 Original Sinsuality
02 Angels
03 Happy Phantom
04 Jamaica Inn
05 Seaside
06 Winter
07 Playboy Mommy
08 God Bless The Child (Billie Holliday cover)
09 Candle in the Wind (Elton John cover)
10 Marys of the Sea
11 Sister Janet
12 Marianne

13 Pretty Good Year
14 Rattlesnakes
15 The Beekeeper
16 The Power Orange Knickers
17 Putting The Damage On
18 Another Girl's Paradise
19 1000 Oceans

.flac fingerprints

50061fe577a3378a12ed7ee1943ea830 *01 Original Sinsuality.flac
9434a58c805ff145519697c29e13fd63 *02 Angels.flac
e7f805a8a0ce69a64f891af848075dab *03 Happy Phantom.flac
0de60b19d755a3c8f17cec0f0b6eb819 *04 Jamaica Inn.flac
c0727c15d165e3f20cbbfaa0ac2e674e *05 Seaside.flac
0ba5828025120b67089822471eb9dcf9 *06 Winter.flac
6b2fe8b727e24adf4679b4192bbbd481 *07 Playboy Mommy.flac
9de6972cc39b7cee7ca19d5cfdd54ad6 *08 God Bless The Child (Billie Holliday cover).flac
2a2809ff59c6ae45b14fad9a7e7faee2 *09 Candle in the Wind (Elton John cover).flac
ba83f231467253fc6cd9ba563308ecf7 *10 Marys of the Sea.flac
5a5657e2ffb5ec7d6ec48c05e7c0c97f *11 Sister Janet.flac
e3a09578169424eb14dce3ec13be71cd *12 Marianne.flac
60a73ea9bd233da05b45fb7943033ef4 *13 Pretty Good Year.flac
ca6dd418b2d13f9653fc224deec730fb *14 Rattlesnakes.flac
c7212471937dc1a0c9175ce49a9724b4 *15 The Beekeeper.flac
4a6c35f3cc15354372900159e9731ee3 *16 The Power Orange Knickers.flac
f93281466bcc9783a3187268ee588ec7 *17 Putting The Damage On.flac
1eb7e7f329a30d1a92d3e6acb68224c9 *18 Another Girl's Paradise.flac
a4b1df1fd235de6a19d5cb3398cec6c0 *19 1000 Oceans.flac

Notes: The first performance of the tour boasts variety and a number of experiments (which,
thank god, are on a lovely recording). Angels, Pretty Good Year, Another Girl's Paradise,
and Playboy Mommy all receive impressive and powerful facelifts, while the cover Candle in
the Wind makes a return after being absent since the Under The Pink tour. Jamaica Inn debuts
with it's own facelift, but the performance is slightly marred by a humorous mess-up. An
excellent performance.