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Under the Pink Tour
Seattle, WA (Sea1)
Sunday, March 20, 1994
Meany Hall

Dent Review: Review

Note: Data is very sporadic for this tour. Setlist may be incomplete or out of order.

Silver CD Bootleg

1994-03-20 Seattle, WA (Rhapsody In Pink)

Original Link:
Filename: toriamos1994-03-20.shnf.torrent
Info Hash: 737c8f8a6f3c1797e6d91f3baba2915c7c00b576
Size: 627.77 MB (658,267,775 bytes)  (36 files)

Tori Amos
Rhapsody In Pink
Liberated Bootleg Alley Kat AK 040/41

UW Meany Hall
Seattle, WA USA
March 20, 1994


Disc One

1.  Sugar
2.  Crucify
3.  Icicle
4.  Precious Things
5.  Happy Phantom
6.  Pretty Good Year
7.  God
8.  Silent All These Years
9.  Past The Mission
10. The Waitress
11. Leather
12. Smells Like Teen Spirit
13. Me And A Gun
14. Baker Baker

Disc Two

1.  Cornflake Girl
2.  Tear In Your Hand
3.  Winter
4.  Song For Eric

Bonus Tracks
*corrected dates

5.  Flying Dutchman (Edinburgh, Scotland 02/28/94)
6.  Mother (Eugene, OR 08/30/92)
7.  Bells For Her (Glasgow, Scotland 02/27/94)
8.  Little Earthquakes (Eugene, OR 08/30/92)
9.  Upside Down (Eugene, OR 08/30/92)
10. A Case of You (Los Angeles, CA 03/22/94)
11. China (Newcastle, England 02/24/94)
12. God (Los Angeles, CA 03/22/94)
13. Icicle (Los Angeles, CA 03/22/94)
14. Baker Baker (Los Angeles, CA 03/22/94)

*The artwork for Rhapsody in Pink has several type errors
for the bonus tracks listed. Show dates listed in this
text file reflect the actual show dates.

Note: DVD drive used to extract does not overread lead-in/out. As a result,
the last track of each CD has a sector boundary error that does not affect
the audio (verified with Accuraterip CRCs). This can be fixed with
shntool or FLAC frontend.