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Dew Drop Inn Tour
Berlin, Germany (Berl)
Monday, March 25, 1996

Dent Review: Review
Radio Broadcast

Tori Amos 1996-03-25 Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin, Germany - FM -

Original Link:
Size: 618.78 MB
Uploaded by: edelwolf

Before grabbing this show think a second about the grab & go mentality : Be gentle
and leave a short thanks that may motivate other members to seed their shows too.

Another public service announcment : Tori Amos 1996-03-25 Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin, Germany - FM -

FM - tape(s) - pc - editing - cue sheet - cuesplitter - flac8 -
md5 - you - (no artwork, not cd/r sourced - taper T.G.)

00 Tori Amos Station ID - remove -
00a moderator confirming date, time & location - remove -
01 Beauty Queen ~
02 Horses
03 Leather
04 American Pie ~
05 Smells Like Teen Spirit
06 Marianne
07 Caught A Lite Sneeze
08 Little Amsterdam
09 Cornflake Girl
10 Doughnut Song (Allison Crowe) w/ 1.5 sec dropout during broadcast
11 Bells For Her
12 Precious Things
13 Not The Red Baron
14 In The Springtime Of His Voodoo
15 Winter
17 Father Lucifer ~ Tubular Bells ~ (snippet ? )
17 Smalltown Boy
18 Me And A Gun
19 Thank You
20 Putting the Damage On
21 Space Dog
22 Hey Jupiter
23 moderator confirms date, location, date & time - remove -

Total Running Time approx 1h 49min (incl. mod)

removed : blank space, no music touched
faded : no
cut in/out : tr10 w/ 1.5 sec dropout during broadcast
Muhammad My Friend & Losing My Religion hidden within the songs, if you know where
I can find them, pm me and I'll seed again tomorrow. Not perfect but more complete.

Found this info on a forgotten website : "Say what? Sometimes Tori Amos jumbles her lyrics
in a way that's hard to understand ..... " , I agree. That means that I'm pretty sure one or more
takes are done wrong. I'm not into Tori and this was the hard way for me to find out that I don't
like her that much as other people do. If you hear something wrong send me the right titles or
describe where to split instead flaming me. Will save the cue-sheet a few days so this can be
seeded again very soon if necessary. Anyway, dedicated to all cempletists, enjoy & HNY '07 !

9354ea5289995a09d5dad88bf789a407 *(00) [tori station id].flac
42601fd21f7189a9a5a7613c5def1d36 *(00a) [moderator].flac
34d4658f1693c6736b872739177b5922 *(01) [Beauty Queen].flac
2c437651d6663de96d962b3adb5a01a4 *(02) [Horses].flac
b37c14fd1d478d7bfaae9a5df2e3f2c8 *(03) [Leather].flac
687dc9202fab8923a1cae2445aae8c04 *(04) [American Pie].flac
8f3bd276b5757b1573f1fa8fb7e3b3ea *(05) [Smells Like Teen Spirit].flac
ab3e968e96c03a1fb3024d3bfee234e1 *(06) [Marianne].flac
7d91df0a0bded7808299a0433db33b50 *(07) [Caught A Lite Sneeze].flac
e7a700819a843113511b59b5634f9daa *(08) [Little Amsterdam].flac
7aafe8d6fe5a6c2a3490b93837e12bf4 *(09) [Conflake Girls].flac
dd07c19231f562e4262bfa1800e25fb7 *(10) [Doughnut Song].flac
740b8c5f8f5ad947c84b97f5768db97b *(11) [Bells For Her ].flac
f4700f56ac0a34dee36f9646bc0dd1de *(12) [Precious Things].flac
7c1345c25b4237e55c6fee41e33823d9 *(13) [Not The Red Baron].flac
958bae5ab1a8e2e6c402fba44bb0307a *(14) [In The Springtime Of His Voodoo].flac
be0a5777ef327f4e71d341d32bd0756b *(15) [Winter].flac
68ffdf68f857d870f476319b43a944c6 *(16) [Father Lucifer Tubular Bells ].flac
5406c91b4deec94bb49f7ba15ce10eec *(17) [Smalltown Boy].flac
ab98921e6202cbda67e5970270b3c6ba *(18) [Me And A Gun].flac
11186bdf3d443287ae47131ae4eed0fa *(19) [Thank You].flac
df71badfa8393d4dc0d7a05864a4ef3d *(20) [Putting the Damage On].flac
71c774d7de7c98f48f7ed6946cd61157 *(21) [Space Dog].flac
c4e70e476ad896e9641c2c40948b934c *(22) [Hey Jupiter].flac
ccc09e07e517c02d87c772b569e9a973 *(23) [moderator].flac
ea203eb4724252fcfe71c856a960ecba *tori berlin 1996 info.txt

request / In Search Of :
Pretty Maids early FM ----- Vow Wow, Concerto Moon & Double Dealer
Shadow Gallery (if there's something) ---- Aphrodites Child ( FM )
Toyah w/ Simon Phillips --- "Q5" Radio Broadcast approx. 1984/5 Switzerland
Michael Bolton from the early hard rocking times, no souldiva performances !
if the show was seeded here take it as a reseed
if you have a better sounding, complete show, please share here
if you have it that's fine
if you want it, grab it