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Lottapianos Tour
San Diego, CA (SanD)
Saturday, August 2, 2003
Open Air Theatre

Dent Review: Review
Audience Recording

2003-08-02 San Diego, CA

Original Link:
Filename: tori2003-08-02.shnf.torrent
Info Hash: a90502a023c94b5ac8d75fa4006ae394e45a2131
Size: 568.92 MB (596,553,494 bytes)  (25 files)

Tori Amos
San Diego, CA
SDSU Open Air Theater

Taper: Lisa071573
Seat: Last row of section BBB, 2nd seat from aisle on AAA side
Source:  SP-SPSM-1 > SP-SPSB-6 (rolloff @ 107hz) > Sharp MD-MT180
Transfer by Justin: MDS-JB940>ESI-U2A>G4-USB>SparkLE>AIFF>SoundApp>WAV

VERY noisy crowd, complete with cockroaches... also, the girl who sat next to me on the
aisle was not in her assigned seat and proceeded to have an entire conversation with
the security guard during Pancake because she refused to show him her ticket :( grrr...
If you're not going to sit in your correct seat, you can at least have the fucking
decency to move when the security guard calls you on it...

Special thanks to Justin for the use of his mics and doing the transfer.
Thanks to Kristi for using my extra ticket.  Dedication to Littlebird (1973-8/7/2003).
There is peace where the land ends and the birds FLY.

* = Wampum missing, instrumental intro to ASF is cut - my mics were accidentally unplugged.
** = Concertina slightly cut due to disc swap


1. A Sorta Fairytale*
2. God
3. Pancake (w/ Ohio bridge)
4. Tori chat / band intro
5. Siren
6. intro/Mrs. Jesus
7. Cornflake Girl
8. Father Lucifer
9. Wednesday
- band leaves -
10. Silent All These Years
11. Merman
12. A Case of You
- band returns -
13. Horses


1. Concertina**
2. Mary
3. Rattlesnakes
4. Professional Widow
5. I Can't See New York
6. Precious Things
- encore one -
7. Upside Down
8. Liquid Diamonds
- encore two -
9. intro (Andromeda verse)/Space Dog
10. Tear in Your Hand