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Dew Drop Inn Tour
New York, NY -- Non-traditional Show (Nyc1)
Thursday, April 11, 1996
MTV Unplugged Taping

Dent Review: Review Setlist
Audience Recording

Tori Amos 1996-04-11 Unplugged

Original Link:
Size: 459.05 MB
Uploaded by: montys

Tori Amos Unplugged (full recording) 1996-04-11
Majestic Theater at the Brooklyn Academy Of Music in New York

Audience recording of the entire (unedited) Unplugged taping. I figured the edited version had likely been released but don't find anything - but I'm sure if I'm wrong it'll be pointed out!

I�ve been cleaning out my old cassette tapes and xfrg some to CD; this is one that I haven�t seen elsewhere so am uploading it for your listening pleasure. I don�t know if a complete/better version exists, but no trace of it appears on any searches, but if so � could someone seed it?

Even though there ARE songs missing, I called this �full recording� to identify it from the MTV broadcast (edited) version - this one has the full between-song banter, the re-takes, the break in the middle, etc. This is an audience recording and sound is OK � not pristine, but not a bad audience recording and is very listenable (I�ll post an .mp3 sound sample). A few songs in the middle are cut or missing. I numbered all the songs per the correct setlist; note #9 is cut, 10-11 are gone, and the beginning of 12 is cut. This was where the tape flip occurred, leading me to believe this was a poor tape copy and that there�s a full recording out there. No idea why #18 isn�t there.
With the cuts in the middle and end this isn't the greatest version, but it's better than nothing - and who knows, maybe it'll prompt a better source to be seeded (hint! hint!)

Sorry, but the lineage of this source is LONG gone.

Songs in this torrent:
01 - Leather.flac
02 - Blood Roses.flac
03 - Putting the Damage On.flac
04 - Cornflake Girl (3 takes).flac
05 - Doughnut Song.flac
06 - In The Springtime of His Voodoo.flac
07 - Silent All These Years 1.flac
08 - Marianne.flac
09 - Silent All These Years (cut).flac
12 - Caught A Light Sneeze (beg cut).flac
13 - Me and A Gun.flac
14 - Somewhere Over the Rainbow.flac
15 - Hey Jupiter.flac
16 - Honey.flac
17 - Space Dog (cut).flac

Full setlist stolen from
eg=electric guitar
ag=acoustic guitar
1. Leather (p)
2. Blood Roses (h)
3. Putting The Damage On (p)
4. Cornflake Girl (p/ag) - 3 takes of this song
5. Doughnut Song (p/ag)
6. In The Springtime of His Voodoo (p/ag)
7. Silent All These Years (p)
8. Marianne (p)
9. Silent All These Years (p) - messed up, needed to take break
10. Precious Things (p)
11. Icicle (p)
12. Caught a Lite Sneeze (h/p/eg)
13. Me and A Gun
14. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (p)
15. Hey Jupiter (p/eg)
16. Honey (p/eg)
17. Space Dog (p/eg) - she forgot the lyrics midway
18. In The Springtime of His Voodoo (p/ag) - MTV made her redo this
Read a review of the entire taping here: