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Scarlet's Walk Tour
San Antonio, TX (SAnt)
Friday, April 25, 2003
Majestic Theater

Dent Review: Review

2003-04-25 San Antonio, TX DVD

Original Link:
Filename: TA-2003-04-25-DVD-2audio-reauthor.torrent
Info Hash: ef62984dfff1e5f81a9d8645a7c419767541d632
Size: 4.31 GB (4,625,312,162 bytes)  (13 files)

Tori Amos
Majestic Theatre - San Antonio, TX, USA
April 25, 2003


Video - DV(?) Cam (balcony, well zoomed) > DVDR (made on a standalone recorder) > DVDR (PC authored)
[NTSC 704x480, VBR, 4250 kbps on average]

Audio -
stream 1: AT 853 > Sound Professional Battery Box > Nomad Jukebox 3 @ 48kHz
[AC3, 448 kbps]
stream 2: Cam built-in mic
[AC3, 256 kbps]


The original DVD was made on a standalone DVD recorder. It was circulated by "1970" (Deb) via "alt.binaries.tori-amos" newsgroup. The video and audio (Cam built-in mic) from the original DVD were left untouched. The other audio source of superior quality (AT 853 > Nomad JB3 at 48 kHz, taped by "roio420") was synced to the video.

Re-author details:

- menu and chapters for each song were made
- second audio stream from the "AT 853 > Nomad JB3 48kHz" source was synced to the video
- the original video and audio were left untouched (no re-encoding). The original audio was delayed by -0.18 seconds to match the video better (the video was shot far from the balcony and the sound was comming a little later than the light)

You can use the language button (or next audio stream button) on your player's remote control to switch between the streams during playback.


1. Wampum Prayer
2. a sorta fairytale
3. Sweet Sangria
4. Bliss
5. Cornflake Girl
6. Scarlet's Walk
7. Caught A Lite Sneeze
8. Black-Dove (January)
9. Wednesday

Band Leaves

10. improv. > Baker Baker
11. Mother
12. Seaside

Band returns

13. Horses
14. TomBigBee
15. Another Girl's Paradise
16. Pancake/Ohio
17. Precious Things
18. I Can't See New York
19. Iieee

1st Encore

20. Talula
21. Past The Mission

2nd Encore

22. Hotel
23. Playboy Mommy

Torrent type: NTSC DVD files (vob)
Size: 4.3 Gb
DVD running time: 2h:01m:29s

Screen caps: