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Dew Drop Inn Tour
Providence, RI (Prov)
Saturday, August 24, 1996
Providence Performing Arts Center

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Audience Recording

Tori Amos 1996-08-24 Providence, RI

Original Link:
Filename: tori1996-08-24rx.flac.torrent
Info Hash: e56a725cdbc86cfaa156c07374e133bde3534a17
Size: 415.23 MB (435,400,617 bytes)
Uploaded by: lisa071573

Tori Amos
August 24, 1996
Providence, RI
Providence Performing Arts Center

Source: cassette from the collection of Richard Handal, tape courtesy of Danica K

Transfer: JVC KD-W5 > Realistic 31-2020 10-band stereo equalizer (tape hiss lowered by lowering 8KHz) > Marantz Stereo Receiver SR940 > Line Out/In > CoolEdit Pro (append tracks)

Editing by MysteryGirl:
*izotope rx5 (removed some, where possible, & reduced other offending screams & coughs); removed hum at 59.6 hz
*audacity (reduced screams/applause between songs, reduced some loud claps, cut some gaps, tried to level out some volume fluctuations, amplified each channel)
*cdwav (split tracks) > FLACs

Notes by Mystery Girl: This was challenging. Due to the embedded screams/audience noise, it was difficult to find a good balance between trying to temper the annoying sounds without ruining the music & banter.
Because of the volume fluctuations and other issues, and because at some times the music was louder than the loud screams/audience at other times,
I didn't try to temper the offensive noises with a single application of mild compression. Instead, I tried to reduce the screams/audience between songs by attacking each annoying spot one by one. This isn't perfect but I think an improvement from the original file. There was a lot of mic rustling at times.

01. Beauty Queen/Horses
02. Take to the Sky (with improv)
03. banter
04. Blood Roses
05. improv/Space Dog (no "navy girls" intro verse)
06. banter
07. Cornflake Girl
08. Butterfly
09. Little Earthquakes
10. banter
11. Angie
12. China
13. Precious Things
14. Caught a Lite Sneeze
15. Talula
16. Me and a Gun
--Encore 1:
17. This Old Man
18. Putting the Damage On
[banter between songs was cut on original cassette]
19. Here, There and Everywhere
20. applause
--Encore 2:
21. In the Springtime of His Voodoo
22. banter
23. Frog On My Toe
24. Etienne