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Dew Drop Inn Tour
New York, NY -- Non-traditional Show (Nyc1)
Thursday, April 11, 1996
MTV Unplugged Taping

Dent Review: Review Setlist
Audience Recording

1996-04-11 MTV Unplugged (Audience source)

Original Link:
Filename: Tori Amos 1996-04-11 Unplugged (tt).torrent
Info Hash: 6e067cc78809206efc62bde648f21462a2f0e0af
Size: 459.05 MB (481,353,143 bytes)  (17 files)

Tori Amos Unplugged (full recording) 1996-04-11
Majestic Theater at the Brooklyn Academy Of Music in New York

Audience recording of the entire (unedited) Unplugged taping. 

I’ve been cleaning out my old cassette tapes and xfrg some to CD; this is one that I haven’t seen elsewhere so am uploading it for your listening pleasure.  I don’t know if a complete/better version exists, but no trace of it appears on any searches, but if so – could someone seed it?

Even though there ARE songs missing, I called this ‘full recording’ to identify it from the MTV broadcast (edited) version - this one has the full between-song banter, the re-takes, the break in the middle, etc.  This is an audience recording and sound is OK – not pristine, but not a bad audience recording and is very listenable (I’ll post an .mp3 sound sample).  A few songs in the middle are cut or missing.  I numbered all the songs per the correct setlist; note #9 is cut, 10-11 are gone, and the beginning of 12 is cut.  This was where the tape flip occurred, leading me to believe this was a poor tape copy and that there’s a full recording out there.  No idea why #18 isn’t there.
With the cuts in the middle and end this isn't the greatest version, but it's better than nothing - and who knows, maybe it'll prompt a better source to be seeded (hint! hint!)
Sorry, but the lineage of this source is LONG gone.

Songs in this torrent:
01 - Leather.flac
02 - Blood Roses.flac
03 - Putting the Damage On.flac
04 - Cornflake Girl (3 takes).flac
05 - Doughnut Song.flac
06 - In The Springtime of His Voodoo.flac
07 - Silent All These Years 1.flac
08 - Marianne.flac
09 - Silent All These Years (cut).flac
12 - Caught A Light Sneeze (beg cut).flac
13 - Me and A Gun.flac
14 - Somewhere Over the Rainbow.flac
15 - Hey Jupiter.flac
16 - Honey.flac
17 - Space Dog (cut).flac

Full setlist stolen from
eg=electric guitar
ag=acoustic guitar
1. Leather (p)
2. Blood Roses (h)
3. Putting The Damage On (p)
4. Cornflake Girl (p/ag) - 3 takes of this song
5. Doughnut Song (p/ag)
6. In The Springtime of His Voodoo (p/ag)
7. Silent All These Years (p)
8. Marianne (p)
9. Silent All These Years (p) - messed up, needed to take break
10. Precious Things (p)
11. Icicle (p)
12. Caught a Lite Sneeze (h/p/eg)
13. Me and A Gun
14. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (p)
15. Hey Jupiter (p/eg)
16. Honey (p/eg)
17. Space Dog (p/eg) - she forgot the lyrics midway
18. In The Springtime of His Voodoo (p/ag) - MTV made her redo this
Read a review of the entire taping here: