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Portland, OR (Port)
Friday, September 9, 2005
The Amphitheatre at Clark County
Original Sinsuality Tour
Dent Review: Review

2005-09-09 Ridgefield, WA

Original Link:
Filename: tori2005-09-09.flac16.torrent
Info Hash: ca1272efdaf7c29b467944e84aeba26455b550ee
Size: 516.75 MB (541,856,724 bytes)  (20 files)

This was seeded on DIME. We're putting it up here a bit sooner than we usually would because DIME's registration is full and a lot of people have asked for it.

Tori Amos
Clark County Amphitheater
Ridgefield, WA

SOURCE: Schoeps MK4s (in hat)>Nbox>Sony PCM-M1@44.1 kHz
LOCATION: section 102 row D, about 15 ft left of center
TRANSFER: Tascam DA-20 MkII>Emagic Audiowerk2>CD Wave Editor>FLAC Frontend 1.7.1
recorded by

Disc 1
1 Original Sinsuality
2 Little Amsterdam
3 Silent All These Years
4 The Power Of Orange Knickers
5 Seaside
6 Rattlesnakes
7 "Why Aren't You Coming To Oregon?"
8 Somewhere Over The Rainbow
9 River
10 Goodbye Pisces
11 Spark
TT 62:07

Disc 2
1 Icicle
2 Cloud On My Tongue
3 The Beekeeper
Encore 1
4 Happy Phantom
5 Putting The Damage On
Encore 2
6 Daisy Dead Petals
7 Baker Baker
8 Toast
TT 52:13

tori amos 2005-09-09d1t01.flac:d121b6d2c9e4ca74495d6c8900c9f8f9
tori amos 2005-09-09d1t02.flac:fe65ebb1abd4aede7d27f095ca8c0c7b
tori amos 2005-09-09d1t03.flac:5517a30a0d64c4a86cc7d3d2c244eed4
tori amos 2005-09-09d1t04.flac:615d986fda53dea82b06220eb62f250e
tori amos 2005-09-09d1t05.flac:2af1d38d498517405a67cecda1806137
tori amos 2005-09-09d1t06.flac:715740264fc295b3f21d2703dfcddd20
tori amos 2005-09-09d1t07.flac:0ff6dc1f3bad2c47cbec24e8960c582d
tori amos 2005-09-09d1t08.flac:70126feec0e8780c4c8fd382393ab36b
tori amos 2005-09-09d1t09.flac:a300b44274975d128fe03f5ccc1d73b3
tori amos 2005-09-09d1t10.flac:33dffe506427a1eeabde942ef510ba0a
tori amos 2005-09-09d1t11.flac:73ac26ef10523c57c520ba0a15bed0da
tori amos 2005-09-09d2t01.flac:efae6dc476b35062403cb9539b025346
tori amos 2005-09-09d2t02.flac:791bd41b5f16c6a8c35370af3df15445
tori amos 2005-09-09d2t03.flac:9fc0a6e8d020df64ac7ae5010a5618e5
tori amos 2005-09-09d2t04.flac:470fc68da9694c700ed371c8108a5956
tori amos 2005-09-09d2t05.flac:ca3a65e07793b0b01d1a8038b31a0d44
tori amos 2005-09-09d2t06.flac:7280ced327d4977a7de108a7e4b44dc0
tori amos 2005-09-09d2t07.flac:479a80d1c5e9ae13ee02b7bca38bdbfe
tori amos 2005-09-09d2t08.flac:fdb6d3db59293a41ac33c112252cc747