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Contact Information:

Original Sinsuality Tour
London, England (Lon1)
Friday, June 3, 2005
Carling Apollo Hammersmith

Dent Review: Review
Audience Recording

2005-06-03 London, UK

Original Link:
Info Hash: 621c5db2a1e2cc044c4bc9944f6c39986dc2323c
Size: 574.33 MB (602,227,168 bytes)  (23 files)



Tori Amos
Live at the Hammersmith Apollo
Hammersmith, London, UK
Friday 3rd June 2005

Taped by Miles

Location: Circle Blk 3Row U Centre Of Stage
Source: Core Sound Binaurals > Sony MZ-R909 Minidisc
Transfer: Sony MDS-JE770 > Digital Transfer > Bias Peak > Roxio Jam > CD
DSP: Multiband Compression / Applause Limited to -1dB / Concert Normalized to 98%
    (-0.08dB) / Fade In and Fade Out Added for each disc

Shns from roxio jam disc images (no dae)

SHN-to-FLAC: shn > mkwACT > wav > flac 1.1.1 (level 8, tags, align on sector boundries)

CD 1 - 11 Tracks - 51:52:22

01. Original Sinsuality
02. Blood Roses
03. (Hello Everybody)
04. Leather
05. Sweet The Sting
06. Cloud On My Tongue
07. Jamaica Inn
08. Cool On Your Island

Tori's Piano Bar

09. (Tori's Piano Bar)
10. Hoover Factory (Elvis Costello Cover)
11. Millworker (James Taylor Cover)

CD 2  9 Tracks  57:29:46

01. Barons Of Suburbia
02. Sister Janet
03. Marianne
04. Spring Haze
05. The Beekeeper


06. The Power Of Orange Knickers
07. Putting The Damage On
08. Amber Waves
09. Silent All These Years

Notes from taper:

For some reason many members of the audience were extremely rude and decided
to get up and continuously leave and come back into the auditorium all through
the concert, chat to each other and occassionally sing! There is therefore some
audience noise in the recording including squeeking and clunking of seats,
"excuse me"s etc. Why someone would pay £30+ to frequent the toilets and chat to
their mates is beyond me! I'm afraid that this was the most appalling behaviour
I've ever seen at at a (seated) concert. These Tori fans are selfish and suck!