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Contact Information:

Original Sinsuality Tour
Perth, Australia (Perth)
Sunday, May 15, 2005
Perth Concert Hall

Dent Review: Review
Audience Recording

2005-05-15 Perth, Australia

Original Link:
Filename: Tori Amos 15 May 2005 Perth FLAC FIXED.torrent
Info Hash: 2cfa10ef5cb0abbea16ad6460a2aedc296164cff
Size: 507.82 MB (532,488,312 bytes)  (19 files)

Tori Amos
Perth Concert Hall, Perth, Australia
15 May 2005

(Aud, dead centre, 5 rows behind sbd, about 20 metres from stacks)
Sony ECM-DS70P Stereo Microphone>Sony MZ-G755 MD

>Sony MDS-JE520 MD deck>Optical SPDIF>Protools 6.7

>Adobe Audition 1.0
        >Normalize first track, and *all* clipping restoration)
>import>Protools 6.7
        >X-Crackle (to soften corrected clipping)
        >LinMB to bring levels up and even out Freq range somewhat
        >S1-Imager (spread stereo)
        >L3 Ultramaximizer (limit all to 0dB)
>bounce AIF>wavelab WAV Convert>FLAC frontend with SBE correction> YOU!

01. Original Sinsuality
02. Beauty Queen/Horses
03. Winter
04. Mother Revolution
05. Take To The Sky
06. Jamaica Inn
07. Cool On Your Island

08. Live To Tell (Madonna)
09. I'm On Fire (Bruce Springsteen)

10. Spring Haze
11. Not The Red Baron
12. Bells For Her
13. Yes, Anastasia
14. The Beekeeper  (disk change at 2m11s)

1st Encore:
15. Leather
16. Hey Jupiter

2nd Encore:
17. Josephine
18. Twinkle

300ms gaps are now removed - note that this show has dropped over 70 meg in size by not
bouncing to BWF WAV... so the data is *completely* different to the old files.

Processing notes:
After realizing the microphone had clipped, i spent about 2 days searching for some tools
to correct (regenerate) clipped waveforms. just about everything that said it fixed
clipping, didnt.. (except for Sequoia and Audition). Best results came from going through
manually and declipping each clip. As clipping occurred in different places in each channel,
i had to process as 2 mono files, before rejoining them in protools. As you can imagine,
this was extremely time consuming (30 hours total). There are still short comings,
but this is as good as it will get, and sounds better than the majority of tori boots
i've heard recently.

the moral of the story:
1) DONT USE DODGY EQUIPMENT (ie, Sony microphones and MD's)
2) if you've got clipping, your screwed. (but try Audition/Sequoia if you must :)

General Notes:
I considered not releasing this- the clipping from the microphone (NOT rec levels) was
disappointing and i knew virtually impossible to fix. However thanks to alot of work and
some luck, here it is. There are still problems with it - clipping although now mostly
removed, will sound bad in one or 2 places were the levels where very high. Worst
clipped - Track 1 & 4.

Winter and Cool on Your Island were simply spine tingling on the night.

Funnily enough, the low-end roll off on the MD and the dodgy mic i used actually helped
the recording, as the PA on the night was *very* bass heavy and boomy.

Track 14 has a tape flip in it, so i lost about 30seconds to that.

THERE MAY BE BETTER RECORDINGS OF THIS SHOW - there were at LEAST 2 other tapers there on
the night (possibly up to 5). Once i acquire these, i will torrent them if the sq is
better than this.

Thanks to for the setlist.
Taped, Mastered, FLAC'd & Torrented by eclect -