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Birmingham, England (Birm)
Monday, September 7, 2009
Birmingham Symphony Hall
Sinful Attraction Tour
Dent Review: Review

Tori Amos - AATS, Birmingham Symphony Hall 2009-09-07

Original Link:
Info Hash: b58a7a611d474e04eea0e83f7dd2a1b9256f0b29
Size: 505.63 MB
Uploaded by: Rokie

Tori Amos 'Acoustically Attracted To Sin'
Symphony Hall, Birmingham, England.
7th September 2009.

Seated mid right (Row K Seat 08).


Microphones: SP-CMC-2
Phantom power: SP-SPSB-3S with bass roll-off set to 69Hz
Recorder: Sony MZ-RH1
Transfer: Sony SoundStage
Processing: GoldWave (volume, track split).
Encoding: WAV --> FLAC16 using Flac Front End.

Track 01 Intro
Track 02 Give
Track 03 Bouncing Off Clouds
Track 04 ('lost in Wales' chat, band introductions)
Track 05 Cornflake Girl
Track 06 Starling
Track 07 Concertina
Track 08 Little Earthquakes
Track 09 Carbon
Track 10 Playboy Mommy
Track 11 Siren
Track 12 Pandora's Aquarium

Lizard Lounge:
Track 13 ('Tash at school' chat) Leaving On A Jet Plane
Track 14 Sister Janet
Track 15 Cloud On My Tongue
Track 16 Your Cloud

Band Returns:
Track 17 Take To The Sky (/I Feel The Earth Move)
Track 18 Talula
Track 19 Precious Things
Track 20 Strong Black Vine ('got no sound' improv)
Track 21 (applause)

Track 22 Caught A Light Sneeze
Track 23 Big Wheel

Total Running time 1hr 59min 20sec.

Please do not convert to lossy formats such as MP3 and distribute.
Distribute lossless with credit to originator.

Recorded by Rokie.