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Hartford, CT (Hart)
Sunday, April 10, 2005
The Bushnell
Original Sinsuality Tour
Dent Review: Review

2005-04-10 Hartford, CT DVD - Disc Two

Original Link:
Filename: Tori Hartford Disc Two.torrent
Info Hash: cbdb80a1093818af7e7df477e831c4d8ef3bb7b8
Size: 3.99 GB (4,279,751,787 bytes)  (25 files)

Disc Two

The video is from dead center, row A in the balcony. 3 short camera ducks due to ushers coming down to the front of the balcony. Hand held, which isn't the most stable way, so it's a little on the jittery side, but not too bad overall. Due to the electronic image stabilizer, as opposed to older cams which had optical image stabilizers. Electronic stabilizers aren't half as effective as optical stabilizers, and the downside is that handheld video now often results in more jitter.  I started videotaping right as OS began (didn't catch the intro piano warm up thing), and I switched tapes after MOTS, so I missed the 1st verse and chorus of SATY while changing tapes. Other than that, the video is complete, 102 minutes. I used a stereo external mic on the camera, and the sound came out really nice as far as camera audio goes, no screamers / singers / talkers next to me. The video picture quality itself is awesome. I was able to manually lower the exposure a lot due to how bright the lights were on Tori for most of the show, which creates a nice sharp picture image, free of any graininess. On 2 DVD-Rs for maximum picture quality.

Disc Two contains:

Ribbons Undone
Spring Haze
The Beekeeper
Cloud On My Tongue
Sweet The Sting

w/Bonus ...

Beacon Theater 10/10/01

Mr. Zebra

Tower Theater 10/13/01

Playboy Mommy
Philadelpiha (Neil Young cover)