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Sinful Attraction Tour
London, England -- Non-traditional Show (Lon1)
Monday, May 11, 2009
Savoy Theatre

Dent Review: Review
Audience Recording

Tori Amos - 'AATS', Savoy Theatre, London 2009-05-11 (new source)

Original Link:
Info Hash: 5c7c7eb712d24fe85bbf95c63940591841b282a6
Size: 359.46 MB
Uploaded by: Rokie

Tori Amos 'Acoustically Attracted To Sin' (Solo Show)
Savoy Theatre, London, England.
11th May 2009 (re-scheduled from 27th April).

Seated rear left (Row L Seat 22).


Microphones: SP-CMC-2
Phantom power: SP-SPSB-3S with bass roll-off set to 16Hz.
Recorder: Sony MZ-RH1, manual recording level (20/30), line-in.
Media: Hi-MD minidisc
Transfer: Sony SoundStage (USB) --> WAV
Processing: GoldWave (track split).
Encoding: WAV --> FLAC16 using Flac Front End.

Set List:

Track 01 Famous Blue Raincoat 6:29
Track 02 Lady In Blue 5:55
Track 03 Curtain Call 5:34
Track 04 Crucify 6:28
Track 05 Tori talks & Sade Improv 2:39
Track 06 Leather 4:10
Track 07 Maybe California 5:01
Track 08 Taxi Ride 5:54
Track 09 Story of, and Mary Jane 3:52
Track 10 Jackie's Strength 5:24
Track 11 Wednesday 3:31
Track 12 Welcome To England 5:04
Track 13 Cool On Your Island 4:47
Track 14 Silent All These Years 5:42
Track 15 Barons Of Suburbia (applause) 7:12

Track 15 Somewhere Over The Rainbow 4:55
Track 16 Putting The Damage On 6:38

Total Running time 1hr 29min 23sec.

I was late getting this recording ready for Dime and I know that the show has already been put up by 'siber' (and many thanks go out to siber for that!), but I decided to press ahead and upload my recording anyway, some of you might be interested in a second source.

The quality is good, fairly low sound level due to my seating position near the back of the circle, with little in the way of audience interference. I hope you enjoy it.

Please do not convert to lossy formats such as MP3 and distribute.
Distribute lossless with credit to originator.

Recorded by Rokie.