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Albany, NY (Alb)
Tuesday, October 9, 2007
Palace Theatre
American Doll Posse Tour
Dent Review: Review

TORI AMOS - Albany, NY 2007-10-09 NTSC DVD from 1080i High Definition master tapes

Original Link:
Info Hash: 3679e47b1a18e4a4145c4df214ef996c0580fc30
Size: 4.28 GB
Uploaded by: FS87

Tori Amos

October 9, 2007

Albany, NY

Almost Rosey

Costume Change/Pro Widow

Big Wheel


Black Dove

Cornflake Girl

Mother Revolution

Caught A Lite Sneeze




Famous Blue Raincoat



Code Red

Precious Things

Tear In Your Hand

Bouncing Off Clouds

Hey Jupiter

Sony Hi-Def HDR-HC1 video camera with Sony ECM-719 external stereo mic >
Hard drive of Panasonic DMR-EH55 stand alone DVD recorder in FR mode for maximum bit rate,
chapters between songs.

Source: Audience shot, single angle

Type: NTSC

Video: 16x9 widescreen** 1080i High-Definition, down converted to standard definition

Audio: Dolby Digital AC-3

Video Quality: A+ (for standard definition)

Audio Quality: A+

Total Running Time: 104 minutes

Bonus - Bouncing Off Clouds, from Jay Leno : 10/1/07 (sourced from 16x9 Hi-Def broadcast)

**Note - Both my camera and DVD recorder were set to 16x9.
However, for this video to play back in the correct 16x9 aspect ratio,
it requires various "tweaking". Examples - On my Panasonic 16x9 Hi-Def
TV and with the disc played on my Panasonic DVD player, I have to go into
"display menu", followed by "4:3 aspect", and change it from the default
setting of "auto" to "normal" instead to have it play in 16x9. If played on "auto",
the picture is 4x3 which makes everyone in the picture look "tall and skinny".
On my Sony 4x3 TV and with the disc played on my Panasonic DVD player, the DVD
player again needs to be changed from "auto" to "normal". However, in the TV menu
under "setup", the setting for "16x9 enhanced" has to be changed from the default
of "auto" to "on" instead. "Auto" plays it in 4x3, "On" plays it in 16x9.

Filming went only "so-so" for me at this show. It was filmed from 7th row
dead center on the floor. Due to this non-usual filming spot, I had some audience obstruction
and also had to hold the camera in an awkward position to avoid getting caught. I also chose
not to film the first few songs until security was done seating people.
I also had to deal with a drunk, loud, annoying "fan" in the row in front of me.
At one point, the guy sitting next to me yelled out "shut up you drunk fairy", and you see Tori look up and smile.
I used manual exposure, white balance was set to indoor, and color level was set to +2
(from a setting which ranges from -4 to +4). Even though this is a standard definition torrent,
you will notice that the picture quality has much less grain and noise, since it was videotaped
in Hi-Def, as compared to the average standard def video camera.
I think this is the first audience shot Tori video in High-Definition, so it raises the bar for picture quality.

Needless to say, I filmed this show because I'm a fan, and I'm releasing this as a free torrent for other fans to enjoy watching.
This torrent is NOT designed for people to download and then sell copies of it on ebay
and elsewhere. If people would like to see me torrent other shows I've filmed, then people
need to respect my request please.

Here are three stills from the video: