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Scarlet's Walk Tour
Cincinnati, OH (Cinc)
Thursday, March 20, 2003
Taft Theatre

Dent Review: Review
Audience Recording

2003-03-20 Cincinnati, OH

Original Link:
Filename: tori2003-03-20.torrent
Info Hash: a2f9a577db7a78369ed7593c2b93be2850d61623
Size: 606.43 MB (635,888,616 bytes)  (29 files)

Tori Amos
March 20, 2003
Cincinnati, OH, Taft Theatre

Source:  SP-CMC-4 > SP-SPSB-3 > D100 (48k)
Transfer:  ARCHIVE Python 01931-XXX5AC > WDAT > CoolEdit Pro (resample -> 44.1k) -> CDWAV -> Shorten32

Location:  FL-CTR Row L, Seat 8, Mics ORTF in hat. 


It would be really nice if you wouldn't sell this recording.  I'm not charging people for it, and I'm the one who incurred all the expense in making it.  If I'm not charging people for it, you shouldn't either.  It's not cool, and it's not the right thing to do.  I believe in Karma, and that selling a bootleg no matter how affordable you may think it is, will bring forth bad Karma.  You wouldn't want to get hit by a bus, would you?  So hey, do the good thing, and share this music freely with the world, the way it was intended to be and make some friends, not customers. 



1.  Wampum Prayer
2.  a sorta fairytale
3.  Little Amsterdam
4.  Bliss
5.  What a Crazy World/Band Intro
6.  Cornflake Girl
7.  Scarlet's Walk
8.  Black-Dove (January)
9.  My Setlist Looks like Windchimes
10. Wednesday

11. Carbon (Solo)
12. Cooling (Solo)
13. Nights In White Satin (Solo)*

14. Putting The Damage On


1.  Juarez
2.  Liquid Diamonds
3.  Father Lucifer
4.  God
5.  I Can't See New York
6.  Iieee

7.  encore break 1
8.  Precious Things
9.  Virginia

10. encore break 2
11. Taxi Ride
12. Hey Jupiter


*Moody Blues cover

General level fluctuation during Wampum Prayer and A Sorta Fairytale.  First show of the run jitters are to blame, I'm sure you'll all be okay.  A bit of distortion forced me to do a bit of tinkering at the start of Precious Things too, but maybe you won't notice.  And if you hear what sounds like someone's beer bottle rolling around during Cooling and Nights in White Satin, that's because it was.  And its contents came and did Bad Things to the person sitting next to me.  :(

Special Thanks to Maria, for loaning me her D100 for the use of taping this and other shows. 

This show was brought to you by Camp Washington Chili Parlor, the KFC Museum in Corbin, and a lot of caffiene.