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2017 Native Invader
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2001-StrangeLittleTour Tour
  54 of 55 shows selected.
  Unique Songs: 104
  First Show: Aug 30, 2001 (London, England)
  Latest show: Dec 17, 2001 (Milan, Italy)
Song Title Album Count All Dates   (Show as Dates)
1,000 Oceans Tvab
17 (31.5%)
01Wpb, 01Orl, 01Char, 01Dc2, 01Nyc2, 01Tor, 01Mpls, 01Ind, 01Hou, 01Dal, 01Sea, 01LA3, 01SanD2, 01Amst, 01Ober, 01Manch, 01Vien
97 Bonnie and Clyde Slg
53 (98.1%)
... More than 30 times
Agent Orange Bfp
1 (1.9%)
Alamo Bfp-b
2 (3.7%)
01Aust, 01SanD1
Bachelorette Ftch-b
8 (14.8%)
01Grr, 01Det, 01Chi, 01Hou, 01Oak1, 01LA3, 01Brus, 01Frank
Baker Baker Utp
10 (18.5%)
01Wpb, 01Atl, 01Dc1, 01Nyc1, 01Phi, 01Chi, 01Brus, 01Berl, 01Frank, 01Vien
Beauty Queen Bfp
21 (38.9%)
01Wpb, 01Clr, 01Atl, 01Char, 01Dc2, 01Nyc1, 01Nyc3, 01Bos, 01Det, 01Mpls, 01NOrl, 01Dal, 01Slc, 01Oak1, 01LA1, 01SanD1, 01Par, 01Hamb, 01Brus, 01Muninch, 01Milan
Bells For Her Utp
10 (18.5%)
01Chi, 01StL, 01Dal, 01Den, 01Sea, 01Oak1, 01LA2, 01SanD1, 01Amst, 01Mann
Beulah Land Ftch-b
4 (7.4%)
01Lon1, 01Atl, 01Oak2, 01SanD1
Black Dove (January) Ftch
9 (16.7%)
01Clev, 01Hou, 01Dal, 01Slc, 01Oak2, 01LA2, 01SanD1, 01Hamb, 01Mann
Black Swan Utp-b
4 (7.4%)
01Tor, 01NOrl, 01Slc, 01SanD1
Bliss Tvab
1 (1.9%)
Boys in the Trees Cover
1 (1.9%)
Butterfly Misc
9 (16.7%)
01Phi, 01Grr, 01Chi, 01Slc, 01Van, 01LA2, 01Phx, 01Glas, 01Frank
Caught a Lite Sneeze Bfp
8 (14.8%)
01Ind, 01Hou, 01Den, 01Sea, 01LA1, 01Brus, 01Manch, 01Milan
China Le
17 (31.5%)
01Wpb, 01Orl, 01Atl, 01Nyc1, 01Phi, 01Aust, 01Sea, 01Oak2, 01LA2, 01Phx, 01Par, 01Hamb, 01Ober, 01Frank, 01Basel, 01Vien, 01Milan
Cloud on My Tongue Utp
9 (16.7%)
01Det, 01Hou, 01Dal, 01Oak1, 01LA1, 01Phx, 01Hamb, 01Ober, 01Basel
Concertina Tvab
15 (27.8%)
01Clr, 01Orl, 01Char, 01Dc1, 01Nyc2, 01Hart, 01Grr, 01Mpls, 01Hou, 01Oak1, 01LA1, 01Par, 01Ober, 01Manch, 01Vien
Cool On Your Island Yktr
14 (25.9%)
01Wpb, 01Orl, 01Char, 01Nyc1, 01Bos, 01Tor, 01Ind, 01NOrl, 01Dal, 01Den, 01Oak1, 01LA3, 01Manch, 01Muninch
Cooling Ftch-b
16 (29.6%)
01Lon1, 01Wpb, 01Nash, 01Nyc1, 01Tor, 01Mpls, 01Ind, 01Aust, 01Den, 01Sea, 01LA3, 01SanD2, 01Amst, 01Mann, 01Manch, 01Milan
Crucify Le
21 (38.9%)
01Lon1, 01Wpb, 01Clr, 01Atl, 01Char, 01Dc1, 01Nyc1, 01Nyc3, 01Bos, 01Det, 01Tor, 01Mpls, 01Hou, 01Slc, 01LA1, 01SanD2, 01Par, 01Brus, 01Glas, 01Berl, 01Basel
Cruel Ftch
6 (11.1%)
01Ober, 01Manch, 01Lon2, 01Berl, 01Muninch, 01Vien
Daisy Dead Petals Utp-b
1 (1.9%)
Daniel Cover
8 (14.8%)
01Dc1, 01Nyc2, 01Hart, 01Tor, 01Ind, 01Sea, 01LA2, 01Ober
Doughnut Song Bfp
14 (25.9%)
01Clr, 01Nash, 01Nyc1, 01Hart, 01Det, 01Chi, 01Aust, 01Den, 01Oak2, 01LA3, 01Par, 01Ober, 01Manch, 01Basel
Enjoy The Silence Slg
18 (33.3%)
01Wpb, 01Clr, 01Orl, 01Atl, 01Char, 01Dc1, 01Nyc1, 01Nyc2, 01Phi, 01Bos, 01Tor, 01NOrl, 01Den, 01Sea, 01LA1, 01SanD1, 01Hamb, 01Frank
Etienne Yktr
11 (20.4%)
01Nyc2, 01Phi, 01Grr, 01Clev, 01StL, 01Slc, 01Phx, 01Par, 01Ober, 01Glas, 01Frank
Famous Blue Raincoat Cover
8 (14.8%)
01Grr, 01Mpls, 01NOrl, 01Slc, 01Oak1, 01LA3, 01SanD2, 01Hamb
Father Lucifer Bfp
5 (9.3%)
01LA2, 01SanD2, 01Hamb, 01Brus, 01Glas
Flying Dutchman Le-b
7 (13.0%)
01Char, 01Nyc3, 01Hart, 01Chi, 01Oak2, 01LA2, 01Amst
Frog on My Toe Bfp-b
4 (7.4%)
01Nash, 01Hart, 01Ind, 01Oak2
Glory Of the 80's Tvab
1 (1.9%)
God Utp
2 (3.7%)
01Lon1, 01Nash
Graveyard Bfp-b
1 (1.9%)
Happy Phantom Le
4 (7.4%)
01Hou, 01Slc, 01Sea, 01Mann
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Cover
2 (3.7%)
01StL, 01Milan
Here. In My Head Le-b
7 (13.0%)
01Orl, 01Nash, 01Char, 01Nyc2, 01Det, 01Chi, 01Manch
Hey Jupiter Bfp
19 (35.2%)
01Wpb, 01Clr, 01Nash, 01Dc1, 01Nyc1, 01Nyc3, 01Det, 01Tor, 01Chi, 01StL, 01NOrl, 01Van, 01Oak2, 01LA2, 01SanD2, 01Amst, 01Brus, 01Basel, 01Milan
Honey Utp-b
11 (20.4%)
01Dc2, 01Nyc3, 01Bos, 01Clev, 01NOrl, 01Dal, 01Oak2, 01Phx, 01Ober, 01Lon2, 01Muninch
Horses Bfp
21 (38.9%)
01Wpb, 01Clr, 01Atl, 01Char, 01Dc2, 01Nyc1, 01Nyc3, 01Bos, 01Det, 01Mpls, 01NOrl, 01Dal, 01Slc, 01Oak1, 01LA1, 01SanD1, 01Par, 01Hamb, 01Brus, 01Muninch, 01Milan
House of the Rising Sun Cover
1 (1.9%)
I Don't Like Mondays Slg
17 (31.5%)
01Atl, 01Nash, 01Dc2, 01Nyc2, 01Hart, 01Det, 01Mpls, 01Hou, 01Aust, 01Den, 01Oak1, 01LA1, 01SanD2, 01Hamb, 01Mann, 01Lon2, 01Berl
I'm On Fire Cover
3 (5.6%)
01NOrl, 01Lon2, 01Frank
Icicle Utp
14 (25.9%)
01Lon1, 01Wpb, 01Nash, 01Dc1, 01Nyc1, 01Nyc3, 01Bos, 01Clev, 01StL, 01Slc, 01Oak1, 01LA1, 01Amst, 01Glas
Imagine Cover
1 (1.9%)
In the Springtime Of His Voodoo Bfp
2 (3.7%)
01Phx, 01Muninch
Jackie's Strength Ftch
10 (18.5%)
01Orl, 01Dc1, 01Hart, 01Grr, 01StL, 01Aust, 01Oak2, 01LA2, 01Mann, 01Basel
Josephine Tvab
12 (22.2%)
01Dc2, 01Nyc2, 01Phi, 01Det, 01StL, 01Dal, 01Slc, 01Phx, 01Par, 01Glas, 01Frank, 01Vien
Juárez Tvab
6 (11.1%)
01Aust, 01LA3, 01Ober, 01Lon2, 01Berl, 01Vien
Landslide Cover
10 (18.5%)
01Atl, 01Nyc3, 01Grr, 01StL, 01Aust, 01Oak1, 01LA1, 01Glas, 01Lon2, 01Berl
Leather Le
28 (51.9%)
01Lon1, 01Wpb, 01Clr, 01Atl, 01Nash, 01Char, 01Dc1, 01Nyc2, 01Nyc3, 01Bos, 01Det, 01Mpls, 01Clev, 01NOrl, 01Dal, 01Den, 01Sea, 01LA1, 01SanD2, 01Par, 01Brus, 01Glas, 01Manch, 01Lon2, 01Berl, 01Muninch, 01Basel, 01Milan
Let It Be Cover
1 (1.9%)
Little Amsterdam Bfp
23 (42.6%)
01Char, 01Nyc3, 01Phi, 01Grr, 01Tor, 01Mpls, 01NOrl, 01Dal, 01Sea, 01Oak2, 01LA2, 01SanD1, 01Par, 01Hamb, 01Brus, 01Glas, 01Lon2, 01Berl, 01Frank, 01Muninch, 01Basel, 01Vien, 01Milan
Little Earthquakes Le
13 (24.1%)
01Nyc2, 01Bos, 01Det, 01Chi, 01Ind, 01Hou, 01Slc, 01Sea, 01Oak2, 01Amst, 01Mann, 01Glas, 01Basel
Losing My Religion Cover
1 (1.9%)
Lovesong Cover
1 (1.9%)
Lust Tvab
9 (16.7%)
01Lon1, 01Clr, 01Atl, 01Dc1, 01Grr, 01Clev, 01LA1, 01Glas, 01Muninch
Marianne Bfp
10 (18.5%)
01Atl, 01Bos, 01Clev, 01NOrl, 01Oak1, 01LA3, 01SanD1, 01Brus, 01Frank, 01Basel
Mary Le-b
7 (13.0%)
01Hart, 01Det, 01Clev, 01Den, 01Phx, 01Hamb, 01Milan
Me And a Gun Le
54 (100.0%)
... More than 30 times
Merman Ftch-b
10 (18.5%)
01Lon1, 01Clr, 01Dc2, 01Nyc2, 01Grr, 01Den, 01Van, 01LA3, 01Amst, 01Muninch
Mother Le
11 (20.4%)
01Phi, 01Hart, 01Tor, 01Clev, 01NOrl, 01Van, 01Oak2, 01LA1, 01SanD2, 01Hamb, 01Manch
Mr. Zebra Bfp
5 (9.3%)
01Char, 01Nyc2, 01Tor, 01SanD2, 01Muninch
Needle and the Damage Done Cover
1 (1.9%)
Never Seen Blue Ftch-b
6 (11.1%)
01Clr, 01Dc1, 01Tor, 01Aust, 01Oak1, 01Basel
New Age Slg
2 (3.7%)
01SanD1, 01Milan
Northern Lad Ftch
7 (13.0%)
01Clr, 01Char, 01Dc2, 01Phi, 01Van, 01Mann, 01Manch
Not the Red Baron Bfp
16 (29.6%)
01Nyc3, 01Hart, 01Grr, 01Tor, 01Chi, 01StL, 01Dal, 01Sea, 01LA2, 01Amst, 01Hamb, 01Ober, 01Lon2, 01Berl, 01Frank, 01Vien
Only Women Bleed Slg-b
2 (3.7%)
01Dal, 01Lon2
Over the Rainbow Cover
11 (20.4%)
01Atl, 01Char, 01Dc2, 01Nyc1, 01Bos, 01Det, 01NOrl, 01Van, 01LA2, 01Brus, 01Berl
Pandora's Aquarium Ftch
8 (14.8%)
01Orl, 01Dc1, 01Nyc1, 01Bos, 01Ind, 01Sea, 01LA3, 01Amst
Past the Mission Utp
13 (24.1%)
01Clr, 01Orl, 01Atl, 01Char, 01Dc2, 01Nyc2, 01Hart, 01Clev, 01Aust, 01Slc, 01Phx, 01Ober, 01Muninch
Philadelphia Cover
1 (1.9%)
Playboy Mommy Ftch
15 (27.8%)
01Wpb, 01Atl, 01Dc1, 01Nyc3, 01Phi, 01Grr, 01Ind, 01NOrl, 01Aust, 01Van, 01LA3, 01Par, 01Lon2, 01Frank, 01Vien
Please Come to Boston Cover
1 (1.9%)
Precious Things Le
2 (3.7%)
01SanD2, 01Ober
Pretty Good Year Utp
13 (24.1%)
01Tor, 01Chi, 01NOrl, 01Aust, 01Den, 01Sea, 01LA1, 01SanD2, 01Par, 01Hamb, 01Brus, 01Mann, 01Muninch
Purple People Ftch-b
10 (18.5%)
01Orl, 01Dc1, 01Nyc1, 01Mpls, 01Clev, 01Hou, 01LA1, 01Glas, 01Muninch, 01Vien
Putting the Damage On Bfp
9 (16.7%)
01Mpls, 01Clev, 01Hou, 01Van, 01Oak2, 01LA2, 01Glas, 01Lon2, 01Berl
Raining Blood Slg
8 (14.8%)
01Lon1, 01Nash, 01Dc2, 01Tor, 01Clev, 01Hou, 01LA2, 01Manch
Rattlesnakes Slg
41 (75.9%)
... More than 30 times
Real Men Slg
12 (22.2%)
01Chi, 01Aust, 01Van, 01Oak1, 01LA3, 01Amst, 01Brus, 01Manch, 01Berl, 01Frank, 01Basel, 01Milan
River Cover
2 (3.7%)
01Ind, 01Slc
Silent All These Years Le
15 (27.8%)
01Orl, 01Dc2, 01Nyc2, 01Grr, 01Chi, 01Ind, 01StL, 01Hou, 01Den, 01LA3, 01Amst, 01Mann, 01Manch, 01Frank, 01Vien
Siren Misc
11 (20.4%)
01Orl, 01Char, 01Dc2, 01Phi, 01Grr, 01Ind, 01Van, 01LA3, 01SanD2, 01Mann, 01Basel
Sister Janet Utp-b
8 (14.8%)
01Orl, 01Nash, 01Nyc2, 01Phi, 01Chi, 01Aust, 01Den, 01Van
Something Cover
1 (1.9%)
Space Dog Utp
8 (14.8%)
01Mpls, 01Clev, 01Aust, 01Den, 01Van, 01LA3, 01Ober, 01Muninch
Spring Haze Tvab
18 (33.3%)
01Wpb, 01Orl, 01Nash, 01Dc1, 01Nyc1, 01Det, 01Ind, 01NOrl, 01Dal, 01Van, 01Oak2, 01LA2, 01SanD1, 01Amst, 01Brus, 01Mann, 01Basel, 01Milan
Suede Tvab
8 (14.8%)
01Den, 01SanD2, 01Mann, 01Lon2, 01Berl, 01Frank, 01Basel, 01Milan
Sugar Le-b
16 (29.6%)
01Hart, 01Bos, 01Tor, 01Mpls, 01Clev, 01StL, 01NOrl, 01Slc, 01Oak1, 01LA1, 01Phx, 01SanD1, 01Par, 01Hamb, 01Mann, 01Vien
Sweet Dreams Le-b
13 (24.1%)
01Wpb, 01Clr, 01Nash, 01Dc2, 01Nyc1, 01Hart, 01Det, 01Dal, 01Hamb, 01Ober, 01Manch, 01Frank, 01Muninch
Take to the Sky Le-b
23 (42.6%)
01Lon1, 01Wpb, 01Clr, 01Atl, 01Dc1, 01Nyc2, 01Phi, 01Det, 01Mpls, 01StL, 01Dal, 01Van, 01Oak2, 01LA2, 01Phx, 01Par, 01Amst, 01Brus, 01Glas, 01Berl, 01Basel, 01Vien, 01Milan
Talula Bfp
9 (16.7%)
01Orl, 01Nash, 01Dc2, 01Nyc2, 01Hart, 01Clev, 01Aust, 01Phx, 01Hamb
Tear In Your Hand Le
18 (33.3%)
01Bos, 01Det, 01Chi, 01Ind, 01NOrl, 01Dal, 01Van, 01Oak1, 01LA2, 01Phx, 01SanD1, 01Amst, 01Mann, 01Manch, 01Berl, 01Muninch, 01Vien, 01Milan
Thank You Cover
2 (3.7%)
01Bos, 01Phx
This Old Man Bfp-b
9 (16.7%)
01Lon1, 01Atl, 01Nash, 01Dc1, 01Dc2, 01Nyc3, 01Bos, 01Hou, 01Par
Time Slg
21 (38.9%)
01Lon1, 01Wpb, 01Clr, 01Orl, 01Nash, 01Char, 01Dc2, 01Nyc3, 01Hart, 01Grr, 01StL, 01Slc, 01Oak1, 01LA3, 01SanD2, 01Par, 01Ober, 01Manch, 01Lon2, 01Frank, 01Vien
Twinkle Bfp
7 (13.0%)
01Phi, 01Hart, 01Tor, 01Ind, 01Van, 01Phx, 01Glas
Upside Down Le-b
9 (16.7%)
01Atl, 01Dc2, 01Nyc3, 01Bos, 01Mpls, 01Ind, 01Hou, 01Sea, 01Lon2
Windows of the World Cover
1 (1.9%)
Winter Le
17 (31.5%)
01Lon1, 01Clr, 01Nash, 01Dc2, 01Nyc3, 01Grr, 01Mpls, 01StL, 01Den, 01Oak1, 01LA1, 01SanD1, 01Par, 01Brus, 01Glas, 01Muninch, 01Milan
Wrong Band, the Utp
1 (1.9%)
Yes, Anastasia Utp
4 (7.4%)
01Nyc3, 01Grr, 01StL, 01Phx