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Minneapolis, MN (Mpls)
Wednesday, August 5, 2009
State Theatre
Sinful Attraction Tour
Dent Review: Review

2009-08-05 Minneapolis, MN (CSB/MD)

Original Link:
Filename: tori2009-08-05.flac16.torrent
Info Hash: 2e76febe803661e1cb0063a6c103163bee882d23
Size: 406.05 MB (425,776,479 bytes)  (23 files)

Note: many thanks to 9thbeastie for recording and sending this to us for seeding!

Tori Amos
August 5, 2009
State Theatre, Minneapolis, MN

01. Give
02. Raspberry Swirl
03. band intro
04. Cornflake Girl
05. Siren
06. Pandora's Aquarium
07. Concertina
08. Space Dog
09. Doughnut Song
10. Carbon
11. Silent All These Years
12. Ophelia
13. Pretty Good Year
14. Jamaica Inn
15. Talula
16. Precious Things
17. Strong Black Vine

18. Body and Soul
19. Take to the Sky
20. Big Wheel

Taped by 9thbeastie

I know people  like to keep track of what kind of mics were used and so forth and that info now travels with the audio files when flacs are downloaded as a set.

So for those purposes here is the pertinent information.

Show was recorded from Main Floor - Row K center. The mics which were used are the "stealthy cardioid battery box mics" which are known for their ability to accurately reproduce the big bass heavy sound of a live performance. Some folks like the bass, others don't.  To best reproduce the sound heard by those attending the show on August 5th, 2009...this performance should be played on a sound system which features a sub-woofer. I have a BOSE home theatre system and this content sounds exactly like what we heard at the time of the recording. A Sony MiniDisc recorder model MZ-M100 served as the recorder/ storage device until a digital transfer was undertaken and a conversion from wav to flac was made.

The sound of the show is a little "muddy" at times and the vocals are not as prominent as I would have liked. Why? Because the audience was standing during the first three songs and again during the encore. This show was criticized by one reviewer on  who said 

"the sound wasn’t the best… better in the encore actually, but most of the show, the piano and drums were drowning out her voice and the loudness was to the point to affect the quality."

I would have to agree with that sentiment.